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Review: Infinity view from Venezuela Wargamer

September 12, 2019 by luisjoey

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In Love

Infinity its a great wargame for 2 players (no more no less) that immerse you into a futuristic Manga Cyberpunk Wargame with the most updated and nowday rules.

Im playing since first edition on 2007 and being in the changes, the game never loses my grip and im warcor since 2015

The miniatures come in pewter metal with high definition that has been improved for easy asemble with each release and casting (now they are about their 4 level of quality and improving) that require remove the extra burr and could need some polishing, I´m more a plastic gamer but this metal have improved enough so i could take it. (even the game quality go over the components)

The Game rules are free and you could read them all in the internet and even have a useful wiki; The rules seem a bit overwhelming at first since it has rules for all interactions finding the few mistakes and confusions as in other wargames, the game meta its moving constantly but it´s not focused on an army or new models, but change that move the metagaming from time to time to have joy playing with a rotative INFINITY TOURNAMENT SYSTEM (ITS) that gives you new missions and condition where some troops excel and some need some push, but dont worry it will change.

A Game where you can go prone, where miniatures shoot and are responded not static gives you lots of fast action, a game where you could hack your enemies and it´s focused not just by killing but to make missions like heal, repair, sabotage, data scan and else! the best a cyberpunk wargame could be.

The game REPLAYABILITY it´s high since you never play twice the same situation, above 20 missions that rotates each year, 20 secret objective, it´s hard to have the very same situation and have an 11 on replayability.

This game really it´s at the top of the marketing and ruling, if you are a seasoned wargamer you may need to empty your cup to fill with this game since it has more intuitive developments.

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