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Review: Review of an Two decade old Wargamer

September 12, 2019 by luisjoey


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This game it´s really a good wargame since it has the feeling on the Game of Throne warfare universe. I´m playing wargames since 2002 and this game really occupy the hole left by Warhammer Fantasy  (oldhammer) on my heart; with a very neat and steamed ruleset that allow a very new player to enter into the game without much wargaming knowledge. The game has the warfare feeling without the bothering magic from warhammer fantasy, but changed for a fine intrigue system that affect the battlefield from before or during the battle court struggle, so gives more of the dramatic feeling of the saga. The abilities come in unit cards and you play with 3 status that modify your army.

I made an Unboxing on my channel https://youtu.be/i7uX5po7zOo

Components: Miniatures on this game are two steps over Ok, since they come in high quality and durable plastic in fine sprues to preserve them, on the faction color (i do play lannister) and the trays are ok. Prime them before painting to ensure they will hold the painting for a while.

Since this game it´s played on trays i do strongly recommend to play it on a very flat surface or gaming mat, since any texture will make the miniatures jump.

Rules are easy to learn with good gaming scenarios that gives you lot of replayability as long you love the setting of game of thrones.

The gaming scene of this is rising, i wonder how asmodee-Cmon will treat it. But since the serie it´s over i wonder how long this will endure and if it will entablish as solid wargame in the metagaming and community.

If you love game of thrones warfare, theme and like the old warhammer fantasy this game it´s for you without much historical wargame complication (if better none)

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