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Review: A Wargamer view of HORDES

September 13, 2019 by luisjoey

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HORDES it´s my favorite game from Privateer press, it´s a wargame about Beast handlers leading a pack of monstrous creatures dealing with sorcery and fury to vanquish an enemy warlock (leader)

If you are a fan of a chess wargame this game it´s for you, since it focus on the leader and you play taking turns, for several rounds until one victory condition happens or the leader falls, if the enemy warlock faint you win in any condition

The game it´s developed by North American Company: Privateer Press, i was PRESSGANGER by 4 years in row showing the game at conventions and running events in my country.

Game Rules are ok stated, a set of four 6Dice and a ruler will do great;  within a basic rulebook and miniatures stat cards, with warlocks (the leader) Beasts that rage and gives you magic points, and troops; going around battles that set around 20 to 30 miniatures depending on the points you play, the game it´s going on the third edition called MK 3 and it´s fully compatible with warmachine. The game mechanic focus more on use of combinations of abilities rather than tactical positioning, making it more strategic and base of the combo or power you have, this maybe was one of the setback against modern wargames that focus on theme and gaming than power gaming.

Miniatures are a step over from Ok since they made the great jump from metal to plastic resine improving the game components to a top. The resemble dragonoids, werewolves, and monstrous elefants, and with big proportions easy to assemble with few glue and maybe some green putty to fill some gaps if you are a perfectionist modelist.

Game Background or fluff it´s just great since it´s an steampunk world where they jump from medieval to industrial revolution, and magic beast exist where our hordes armies fits, Iron Kingdom its a great steampunk fantasy setting that worth a lot to know and play.

This Game Replayability depends on the gaming community you are, each army does what they do in combo, and with mercenaries things could give you some of the strategic failure, completing what your army need; but still it´s very playable without mercenaries.

I wonder why this game dissapeared a bit from popular game scene, they made some corporative changes that impact the game making into a hide/fade that it´s a bit sad since the game have still lot to give, maybe a change on marketing it´s needed so they improve the way this game is sold compared to other nowday wargames. Also a way to run out the monotony of killing just the caster, but focusing on several game motivations like objectives others than holding the flag or secure a zone.

Hordes Still have a place on my heart, Warhammer Warcry tries to fit this gap in gaming scenes, but i still have hopes Hordes will come back to scene so i could play my skrone once again.

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