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The Undead Rise In Fantasy Flight’s BattleLore 2nd Edition


Fantasy Flight Games have shown off two of the new sets of miniatures coming for the undead faction in BattleLore 2nd Edition. See what you think of the neat plastic miniatures you get hold of...

Two New Mighty Creatures Come To FFG’s BattleLore


Fantasy Flight Games have shown off two new creature packs which are now available to add to your games of BattleLore 2nd Edition. Striking from the skies and the mountains we have both the Mountain Giant and Great Dragon...

The Undead Are Coming To BattleLore In Two New Expansion Packs From FFG


Fantasy Flight has announced two new expansion packs for BattleLore are on the horizon. These packs will bring the undead to the game with all the reanimated goodness one could hope for!

Battlelore Command Goes To Battle Away From Your Table


Fantasy Flight Games has released Battlelore: Command app for iOS and Android. This is based on the popular board game.

The World of BattleLore Expands with 2 New Army Packs!


Fantasy Flight has announced that 2 new Armies will be entering the world of BattleLore in 2015. The Hernfar Guardians and the Warband of Scorn will off you new cards, new terrain tiles and new scenarios in addition to the new units.

Return To Battlelore With 2nd Edition From Fantasy Flight


Take to the field with the new addition of Battlelore coming to you from Fantasy Flight Games.

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