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Black Rain


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Art Direction


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Check Out BlackRain AlphaStrain Now On Kickstarter


Shockwork Studio have taken to Kickstarter to see about funding their new miniatures line for BlackRain. The first of these miniature collections is for the AlphaStrain which brings you two factions.

Exclusive! The Zhendu Shocktroopers Get Tactical For Black Rain


Shockwork Studio have sent us another preview of some of their upcoming miniatures for Black Rain. This time around we have the Zhendu Shocktroopers who come armed to the teeth and look like a whole bunch of deadly Sci-Fi ninjas...

Exclusive! Check Out The Render For Shockwork Studio’s Kali


Shockwork Studio have sent us through another exclusive preview for their new Black Rain miniatures game. This time around we have Kali who fights for the UNAS (United Asia), a faction that evolved out of China...

Exclusive! Shockwork Studio Give Us A Look At Black Rain Mechs


Shockwork Studio are working on a new game called Black Rain and one of the main components of it is their massive Mechs. These Ulysses pattern walkers are some hefty pieces of kit and we've got an exclusive look at some of them here. We'll kick off with the Bushmaster...

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