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Cyntopia Looking For Playtesters & Demos For Kickstarter Relaunch


Cyntopia will be heading back to Kickstarter soon and the developers are looking for people who want to help with the playtesting and demoing of the game.

Cyntopia Coming Back To Kickstarter In 2015!


Cyntopia had a lot of promise this year but unfortunately they had to go back to the drawing board. Will you be keeping an eye on it in 2015?

Cyntopia Updates Scale To 28mm & Talks A.I Decks For Solo Play!


Cyntopia is switching the scale of it's miniatures to 28mm and talking about the A.I Deck in it's game and how it works for solo play!

Cyntopia: The Future Is Now Launches On Kickstarter!


Head on over to Kickstarter and check out the launch of Cyntopia!

Get Ready For The Edgewalk With A Cyntopia How To Play


Take a look at a mini How to Play of Cyntopia: The Future is Now before it launches on Kickstarter very soon!

Cyntopia: The Future Is Now Exclusive Kickstarter Preview!


The folks behind Cyntopia: The Future is Now have given us an awesome preview of what's coming for this Cyberpunk co-operative board game before it launches soon! Check out some of the characters, miniature renders and more!

Check Out The Cyntopia Modular Board & More Minis!


Check out some of the prototype boards for Cyntopia: The Future is Now! As well as the boards we've got more looks at the miniatures too!

Call A Field Doc As The Next Preview For Cyntopia!


See what you think of another awesome looking miniature prototype for the world of Cyntopia that's shaping up to be a very neat board game!

Cyntopia Previews A Cyberpunk Ronin Render


Cyntopia have another preview to show off for their upcoming Cyberpunk board game. This time it's the Ronin, one of the hero characters for the game.

The First Renders Pop Up For Cyberpunk Cyntopia


Head back into the Cyberpunk world with some more news from Cyntopia on their upcoming board game. Some more art and a render/miniature have appeared!

More Cyntopia Art Is Hacked From The Mainframe


Take another look at some more information on the world of Cyntopia alongside new artwork and even a bit of interesting information on both the promotional video and miniatures!

More Character Previews For The Cyberpunk World Of Cyntopia


Check out two more characters from the Cyberpunk world of Cyntopia. What do you think of the artwork for this game and will you be keeping a close eye on its development?

Get A Taster Of Cyntopia A New Cyberpunk Style Board Game!


What do you make of these little teasers and hints towards Cyntopia? This is a new board game coming out in the near future and the artwork already has me hooked!

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