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King of Tokyo



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Art Direction


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All The Monsters You Need In The King Of Tokyo Monster Box


King of Tokyo Fans! Want to get your hands on a ton of monsters? Well, there is a new Monster Box making way onto our tabletops this October which will include two of the expansions and a new playable monster (which will be familiar to some), plus some new and exclusive cards, a new dice tray and lots of bonus gear for players to cause chaos. If you have needed an excuse to get into King of Tokyo, this Monster Box will be sure to not disappoint. 

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King Kong Becomes King Of Iello Games’ Tokyo


Iello Games are sending a new monster to become King of Tokyo; none other than the legendary star of the silver screen himself, King Kong.

Let’s Play: King of New York


A spicy update on the classic King of Tokyo formula - now with 100% more painbow!

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Iello Games Crown King of New York With Power Up Expansion


Iello Games have a new Power Up expansion coming out soon for King of New York, the spin off from the great board game King of Tokyo, which is now available for pre-order.

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