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Last Saga


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The Tanaor Guardians Arrive In Battle For Zenit’s Last Saga


If you've been liking the look of Last Saga from Zenit Miniatures then you'll be pleased to hear they have a new Starter Pack out for the Tanaor Guardians.

Zenit Miniatures Releases New Game Last Saga


Zenit Miniatures is releasing their own Sci-fi skirmish game, called Last Saga.

Zenit Miniatures Comes To The Rescue For Last Saga


Rocket Games is getting a little help from Zenit Miniatures with their game Last Saga.

Rocket Games Powering On With Last Saga Sculpts


Rocket Games have shown off some more of their Last Saga sculpts with a leaning towards more of the Guardians Of Tanaor. They are closing in on the first range of metal models for both them and the Council too which is exciting news...

Rocket Games Paint Up Their Last Saga Tanaor Miniatures


Rocket Games did exceptionally well with their Last Saga Kickstarter and they are still making sure models make their way out. With that in mind see what you think of some of their painted Guardians of Tanaor miniatures...

Rocket Games Show Off New Last Saga Previews


See how Last Saga is shaping up with a range of previews at different stages of production. The sculpts are looking like some of the best Sci-Fi ones out there.

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