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LOKA: A Game of Elemental Strategy


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Ralph Horsley Does More Amazing Art For The Tarot Of Loka


See how the artwork for The Tarot of Loka is progressing in these new pieces that appeared on Facebook!

The Tarot Of Loka Turns Over Epic Jack Artwork


Which of these Jack art pieces has you most excited for the finished pieces as The Tarot of Loka nears completion.

Understanding Tarot… and a bit of Devil Worshiping!


The first video from our Nottingham studio sees Warren joined by Alessio for a chat about his new game, The Tarot of Loka that's currently on Kickstarter. We get a feel for the history of the tarot game and Alessio's take on how it plays!

On The Table s6 ep8: Avalon, 7 Wonders & Fireforge Crusaders!


It's time for another awesome episode of On The Table! Check out some games that MUST be in your collection for the holiday season to come.

River Horse Testing Tarot Of Loka To Death!


Explore more from the world of Loka with a bit of play testing and some amazing looking art.

Mantic’s James Hewitt Takes a Look Inside the LOKA Box


With the Tarot of LOKA currently up on Kickstarter Mantic's James Hewitt has decided that now is a good time to take a Loka inside the box of the fantasy chess game.

Check Out The Playtesting Of The Tarot Of Loka!


Dive in and see how The Tarot of Loka is played! After that see what you think of the artwork and consider dropping in a pledge!

Cavatore’s The Tarot Of Loka Has Gone Live!


Check out the start of Alessio Cavatore & Ralph Horsley's new Kickstarter which reveals The Tarot of Loka!

Unravel The Mystery Of Loka & Tarot Soon!


Delve into the world of Loka with a new card game designed by Alessio Cavatore and illustrated by Ralph Horsley. It's quite the looker!

River Horse Tease More Art For Cavatore’s Next Game


Check out an outstanding piece of artwork for the new game from Alessio Cavatore which explores the world of Loka even more.

Alessio Cavatore Takes Us Through the Elements of LOKA


A video has appeared over at Mantic Games' blog page of the game master himself Allessio Cavatore taking us through the elemental powers of his fantasy chess game LOKA.

LOKA Goes On Advance Order From Mantic Games


Check out the advance order of Mantic and Alessio's LOKA! You can get your elemental chess on!

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