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Lords of War


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Q&A Time – Lords Of War Elves Vs Lizardmen Magic & Monsters Kickstarter


Find out more about Black Box Games as they launch the Kickstarter for Lords of War with Elves Versus Lizardmen: Magic & Monsters. These guys are real home grown UK talent so take a look to see what's in the future for them too!

Lords Of War Launches New Elves Vs Lizardmen Kickstarter Soon


Lords of War is expanding yet again with another boxed set for the Elves & Lizardmen coming to Kickstarter this Friday.

Card Game Review: Lords Of War – Magic & Monsters Expansion!


The new Orcs Versus Dwarves Magic & Monsters Expansion has popped up from Lords of War and it's adding in a whole new level of complexity to the game! See what I think of the new units, new rules and of course how it all plays together!

Check Out Lords Of War’s Magic & Monsters Kickstarter!


Check out the newest expansion for Lords of War coming your way from Black Box Games and now on Kickstarter.

Lords Of War Magic & Monsters On Kickstarter Soon!


Lords of War is heading back to Kickstarter soon to fund the newest expansion for the game, Magic & Monsters!

New Lords Of War Card Art Gets A Dash Of Colour!


Check out some of the cool colour art coming out of Lords of War thanks to Steve Cox Illustrations! This certainly is one of the best looking games out there for card art.

More Lords Of War Art Bolsters Their Dwarven Army


Lords of War have some more Dwarven machinations and soldiers coming to the next set for Lords of War. What do you think of these war machines and even a spellcaster!

New Mighty Dwarves March To Join Lords Of War


It's been a while since we've talked about Lords of War but recently a few nice art pieces have arrived for the new Dwarves coming to the game. The artwork is by Steve Cox Illustration and very cool!

Lords Of War Heading To World War II Later This Year?


Lords Of War might be heading to the realm of historical gaming soon with their World War II set if Steve Cox, their artist, is to be believed!

Card Game Review: Lords Of War – Weather & Terrain Expansion!


It's time to do something typically British and talk about the Weather. Namely I'm going to be talking about Weather & Terrain, the Expansion Pack for Lords of War that seriously improves the play experience of the game.

Card Game Review: Lords Of War – Templars Vs Undead!


I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Lords of War: Templars Vs Undead set at Salute 2014 over the weekend and I rushed through a few games to bring you my thoughts on this next set of factions for the game! Weather & Terrain Review coming soon!

Lords of War’s Templars Vs Undead Coming Soon!


Templars Vs Undead is on the way soon and it also comes with a bunch of Kickstarter exclusive cards for backers.

Lords Of War Undead Art Coming Along Well!


Steve Cox is illustrating like mad when it comes to the Lords of War Templar Vs Undead pack that got funded thanks to Kickstarter.

Crafting Of A Card Game: Lords Of War Part X


This marks the final part of Crafting of a Card Game: Lords of War and Martin and the team have had one hell of a busy year. See how he sums it all up and looks forward to 2014 filled with plenty more awesome moments!

Crafting Of A Card Game: Lords Of War Part IX


This saga of Crafting A Card Game is coming to an end and in this penultimate part they talk about the successes of the UK Games Expo in Birmingham. This is where we (BoW) first met them!

Crafting Of A Card Game: Lords Of War Part VIII


Did you know that Lords of War was going to eventually have an App on a variety of digital devices? It looked so good! Hear what happened as they tried to get that App onto the market.

Protect Your Cards & Add Terrain To Lords of War


See what you think of some of the added extras coming to the world of Lords of War as they edge towards their target.

The Crafting Of A Card Game: Lords Of War Part VII


It's time for another look at the beginnings of Lords of War. The first event rolls around for the folks behind the game and they test the waters with plenty of demo games! Link to their current Kickstarter within!

Lords Of War Reveal Concept Art & Custom Battlemat


Look ahead to some very nice looking custom battlemats and the upcoming artwork for the Templar Vs Undead Kickstarter for Lords of War.

The Crafting Of A Card Game Part VI: Lords Of War


What is a game without its background and 'fluff'? This is the topic of our next article from the folks behind Lords of War where they discuss building up the narrative behind a fantasy world.

Lords Of War’s Kickstarter Resurrects Asul The Bygone King


Check out some of the awesome artwork that is starting to come out of the Lords of War Kickstarter. This time they are delving into the murky world of the Undead.

The Crafting Of A Card Game: Lords Of War Part V


It's a hard, if rewarding, grind getting a card game and your vision onto the tabletop. Martin Vaux continues his series as Lords of War looked for a release and someone to publish it!

The Templar General Is Revealed For Lords Of War


Check out another reveal from the folks at Lords of War where they have shown off the general for the Templars. Will you side with them?

Learn The History Of Templars & Undead For Lords Of War


Lords of War have shown off the origin stories for the Templars and the Undead in their new expansion pack for their card game.

The Crafting Of A Card Game: Lords Of War Part IV


Lords of War: Templars Versus Undead is on Kickstarter right now and Martin Vaux is continuing his look back at the creation of this card game. The journey continues with a look at artwork and getting it right!

Lords Of War: Templars Vs Undead Kickstarter Launches


The folks from Black Box Games have begun their Kickstarter for Templars Versus Undead and therefore bring the next factions from the world of Lords of War into being!

The Crafting Of A Card Game: Lords Of War Part III


We're back with another part of Martin Vaux's series looking at the makings of his card game, Lords of War. This time we learn more about getting the game out there and then stepping out solo.

The Crafting Of A Card Game: Lords of War Part II


We're back with part two as Martin Vaux explains the next steps they took when creating Lords of War! After the initial meetings what happened next?

Lords Of War Taking Templars Vs Undead To Kickstarter!


Lords of War are going to be taking the Templars and Undead onto Kickstarter during November and December to get things funded!

The Crafting Of A Card Game: Lords Of War Part I


Creative Director behind Black Box Games and the fantastic Lords of War Martin Vaux takes you through the birth of their card game from rough idea to winning a UK Games Expo Award and beyond! Check out Part One within!

Get A Glimpse Of Beorn From Desolation of Smaug! [Spoilers!!!]


See what you think of the face of Beorn in human form. Is this what you were expecting from Peter Jackson's interpretation?

Next Lords Of War Expansion Heading To Kickstarter!


Lords of War will be heading to Kickstarter with a fundraiser beginning during the first week of November. Prepare for those Templars and Undead!

Card Game Review: Lords of War – Elves Versus Lizardmen


It's been a while but I take a look at the next set for Lords of War where Elves and Lizardmen take to the battlefield and take the total number of factions up to four.

Lords Of War Teases The Coming Of Templars & Undead


Lords of War is looking ahead to its next release with Templars Versus Undead!

Black Box Get Ready To Ship Out Lords Of War Expansion


Check out some of the Lizardman & Elf sets that will be heading out to you lucky folks over the next couple of weeks. Looks like we're getting an ace set!

Lords Of War Previews Amazing Lizardman & Elf Art


Check out these awesome previews of both the artwork and rules for the new Lizardmen & Elves from Lords of War by Black Box Games!

Card Game Review: Lords of War – Orcs Versus Dwarves


I had the pleasure of finding a new card game to play over the weekend and here is my review of Black Box Games' Lords of War: Orcs Versus Dwarves!

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