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Mega Man: The Board Game


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A Penguin Flies Into the Mega Man Board Game


There are only three days left for the Mega Man Board Game Kickstarter which has seen a huge level of success. The latest piece they have unlocked is the rather strange Peng Minion.

The Mega Man Board Game Goes Like a Bomb


The Mega Man Board Game has been achieving a high level of success on Kickstarter and has just unlocked another pack which brings in another of Dr Wily's robot henchmen, Bomb Man.

The Kickstarter For Mega Man Has Begun & It’s Funded!


The Mega Man Board Game’s Got Guts


The latest of Mega Man's iconic villains has turned up for the Mega Man Board Game, none other than the mighty Guts Man!

Things are Looking Hot for the Mega Man Board Game


It looks like Dr Wily is beginning to bring the heat in the developing Mega Man Board Game as Jasco Games have put out a preview of one of the robot hero's iconic villains possessed of a fiery temper.

Mega Man Looks To Become A Board Game!


See what you make of the announcement that Mega Man is going to become a Board Game via the medium of Kickstarter.

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