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Of Gods & Mortals


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Let's see what marvellous creations you folks have been bringing to life in the forums!

Mighty Odin & Zeus Ready To Order From North Star!


Both Odin and Zeus are finally up on the North Star Military Figures webstore for you to order for your games of Of Gods & Mortals!

Mighty Zeus Of The Greeks Joins Of Gods & Mortals


Of Gods & Mortals finds itself facing another mighty God. Zeus has collected his lighting bolts and is ready to hurl them at the enemy!

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Will you bow before the mighty All Father in Of Gods & Mortals when he finally releases from North Star?

The All-Father Odin Comes To Of Gods & Mortals


See what you think of the mighty All-Father himself who will soon be coming to Of Gods & Mortals with his mighty spear ready to slay any who oppose the might of the Viking people!

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