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Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster



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A Firebrand Trio Are Released Into Sedition Wars


Studio McVey have released the last three minis that they previewed at Salute, a trio of Firebrand Rebellion members, accompanied by the faction's leader the Preacher Uriah Severn.

Four Fearsome Fighters Get Released From Studio McVey


Studio McVey have released four new limited edition minis for Sedition Wars, a selection of mighty scifi warriors that they have collectively referred to as the Bounty Dogs.

Sedition Wars Takes the Strain of Four New Limited Edition Minis


Four new Limited Edition sculpts have been released by Studio McVey for the twisted Strain of Sedition Wars.

Fall In Behind Commodore Grist Of Studio McVey


Quit your belly aching soldier, it's time to power up your armour and head into battle behind the intimidating looking Commodore Grist!

Studio McVey Watches Tumult The A.I Take Over


Tumult takes on his humanoid form and welcomes you aboard the Arms of Sorrow. He hopes your stay is a good one.

The Firebrand & A Tech-Preacher From Studio McVey


See what you think of even more awesome previews for Sedition Wars thanks to Studio McVey.

The Deadly Strain Is Alive & Well Thanks To Studio McVey


The deadly Strain is in full effect and taking over and evolving everything it sees thanks to Studio McVey.

More Deadly Bounty Dogs On The Way From Studio McVey


Studio McVey continue to show off some of their cool looking Bounty Dogs which should be available this weekend at Salute!

Studio McVey’s New Bounty Dogs Lock & Load


When you need someone hunted down maybe you'll call on Vantara Sharro for Sedition Wars?

Studio McVey Continue New Previews With The Thraex!


We've seen some troopers, now it's time to see some monsters. See what you think of this masterful Thraex!

Remy Tremblay Shows Sculpts For Sedition Wars & Dust


What do you make of these models by Remy Tremblay for the worlds of Dust and Sedition Wars?

Grab Studio McVey’s New Releases in their Christmas Sale!


Studio McVey are currently holding a Christmas sale on all of their miniatures and they have a couple of new Sedition Wars releases for you to take advantage of it!

Studio McVey Line Up Their Salute Releases


Salute is fast approaching and that means more great minis from the guys at Studio McVey are appearing for us to drool over. These are truly a thing of beauty.

Begin The Battle For Alabaster As Sedition Wars Is Released


Check out the full release of Sedition Wars by Studio McVey. You can now finally get your hands on the game and all of those beautiful miniatures!

Battle Field Autopsy: Sedition Wars


As we've all seen, there are a lot of new faces popping up on Beasts of War and they all have there own distinctive loves in wargaming. Our buddy Gav is no exception, so he's kindly brought in his Kickstarter copy of Sedition Wars for a Battlefield Autopsy.

What’s in the Box: Sedition Wars


With so many kickstarter's meeting the goals and getting there funding we're all waiting for our rewards for helping to get these games and such off the ground, so today Gav has brought in his copy of Sedition Wars for a special unboxing, and woe betide anyone who thinks to take it from him...

Check Out Niven & Ramirez From Studio McVey


Check out this pair of Sedition Wars previews from Studio McVey...

Take A Look Inside The Battle for Alabaster By Studio McVey


Check out a painted miniature from Battle for Alabaster and a video unboxing!

The Sedition Wars Kickstarter Bulks Out with Loads of Extras!


Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster has a hell of a lot of extras floating around for it now!

Hide Behind Vanguard Hurley in Sedition Wars


Is it safer on Alabaster behind the Hurley Drone?

The Cthonians Attack with Studio McVey’s Sedition Wars


Are you looking forwards to Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster? Then Check out this new Cthonian model!

Studio McVey Take Us Through the Grendlr’s Evolution


If you've been keeping an eye on Studio McVey's new game Sedition Wars you will know that their Kickstarter campaign has received a tidal wave of support. Well on their blog Studio Mcvey have shown us the steps taken in creating on of the Strain's gribbliest creatures, the Grendlr.

Studio McVey Have Their Own Take on the Good Samaritan


Studio McVey have a new and rather different take on the good Samaritan with this preview of a new mini which will be joining Sedition wars, the Samaritan Lancer.

Will You Kickstart Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster?


Will you back Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster by Studio McVey on Kickstarter?

Sedition Wars Firebrand Powersuits: Maul & Mattock


Check out the latest releases from Studio McVey for Sedition Wars... the Firebrand Powersuit!

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