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Spectre – The Board Game


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It's OTT Weekender time! We get a look at the awesome fan expansion to Gloomhaven that is going to blow your mind. The Crimson Sales gives you loads more Fantasy dungeon-delving to enjoy if you've finished Gloomhaven and Jaws Of The Lion ahead of Frosthaven!

Take On 007 & Become Number 1 In SPECTRE: The Board Game


SPECTRE: The Board Game is now live on the Modiphius Entertainment store, calling for intelligent villains to thwart the plans of the slippery spy, 007.

Get Villainous With Modiphius’ Spectre: The Board Game


Modiphius is working away on a brand new board game alongside the folks from KAEDAMA. Spectre: The Board Game will immerse you in the world of James Bond and have you playing as notable villains as you seek to become Number One. 

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