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The Devil’s Run: Route 666



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The Devil’s Run Will Welcome War Boys Soon It Seems!


A neat preview popped up today from Word Forge Games for The Devil's Run. They gave us a first look at some War Boy styled models that will be joining the range.

New Vehicle Renders Drive Out On The Devil’s Run


Word Forge Games have recently unveiled a couple of new renders for their game of vehicular post-apocalyptic road rage The Devil's Run.

Weekender: Awesome Icarus Prize & Star Saga; Adventures in Spaaace!


We've got a chock-a-block full show for you this week where we're talking to Mantic Games about Star Saga and Hyacinth Games about Wreck-Age too.

Limited Edition Lillian Coming To Salute For The Devil’s Run


The Devil's Run: Route 666 is filled with all manner of interesting characters. One of them is Lillian, The Fallen Angel and she will be available at Salute from Word Forge Games as a limited edition model...

Red Scar Publishing Announce Devil’s Run Role-Playing Game


Red Scar Publishing have announced a partnership with Word Forge Games to produce a role-playing game based on their Devil's Run game which is soon coming to the tabletop as a car-based skirmish game packed with vehicular slaughter.

Armoured Cars Roll Around In The Devil’s Run: Route 666


If you're looking for a rather swish ride to travel the wasteland then see what you make of the Vampyre from The Devil's Run: Route 666 by Word Forge Games...

The Devil’s Run: Route 666 Welcomes A Beefeater & Skinners


Word Forge Games' The Devil's Run: Route 666 is closing in on those final few tantalising moments before heading off to the printers. Before then the folks would like you to help them proof read their Cards & Rulebook which can be downloaded over on their website.

Turn Cars Into Tanks With Devil’s Run’s Riot Grrrl


If you're looking to bring a bit more firepower to the tabletop in The Devil's Run: Route 666 from Word Forge Games then you need to turn to Riot Grrrl and her tank/car err... car/tank vehicle she's come up with...

The Skulltaker Rides Out Of The Devil’s Run: Route 666


The Skulltaker is riding into Word Forge Games' The Devil's Run: Route 666. As well as that road warrior they have also been working hard on designing the cards for the game and they are coming along very nicely...

Word Forged’s Devil’s Run Gets A Skinner Queen


Word Forged Games are still pottering away on their The Devil's Run: Route 666 Kickstarter and making sure that all of the pledges are going to be fulfilled. The most recent update shows us a look at the 3D work going into Fury, Queen of the Skinners...

The Devil’s Run Hits The Road With New Renders


The Devil's Run: Route 666 has some more renders for you this week showing off Judge Judy and her Justice Jetpackers alongside a rather dangerous looking biker, the Executioner. See what Word Forge Games have been up to...

Bikers, Cars & Even ‘Choppers’ Taking Shape For The Devil’s Run


A whole range of new vehicles have taken shape for The Devil's Run: Route 666. There are a nice selection of models from different factions as well as characters in their own right. There's something for everyone here...

Skinner Vehicles & Flying Ladies For Devil’s Run: Route 666


A series of new previews for The Devil's Run: Route 666 by Word Forge Games show off the new vehicles as they get towards a final stage of completion and some fun new miniatures that will be soaring high.

The British & Some Heroic Drivers Join The Devil’s Run: Route 666


The Devil's Run: Route 666 was successful on Kickstarter and in the wake of that they've shown off some new renders for some more of the vehicles and the characters that will be coming to this post-apocalyptic setting...

Weekender XLBS: How Do You Get Mad Max On The Tabletop?


Happy Sunday! Welcome to The Weekender XLBS where we're talking about all things post-apocalyptic and wasteland-like in the wake of so many people checking out the new Mad Max film...

Final Few Days For The Devil’s Run: Route 666 On Kickstarter


The Devil's Run: Route 666 from Word Forged Games has entered it's final few days on Kickstarter and they've not only got quite the awesome package for you to pick up as a main pledge but some neat stretch goals too...

Recreating Those Mad Max Vehicles? Try Them In LEGO & More!


Want to rebuild those awesome vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road? How about checking out this work one man has done with LEGO and then see what else we suggest for giving it a go!

The Skinners Hit The Road As Third Faction For Devil’s Run: Route 666


The Devil's Run: Route 666 by Word Forge Games continues to rock out on the roads of Kickstarter and they've just unveiled the third faction for the game alongside hitting a stretch goal to include Nightdriver in the game.

Born To Be Wild With Road Warrior Devil’s Run: Route 666 On Kickstarter


Head out into the wasteland with some road warrior types for Word Forge Games' The Devil's Run: Route 666.

Kickstarter Exclusive Bane Patrols the Highways of Devil’s Run


The Kickstarter for Devil's Run will hopefully be driving out sometime in the week and the Kickstarter exclusive has already made it's first appearance; Bane, an insane former traffic warden searching for vengeance.

Devil’s Run Takes a Page Out of Its Own Rule Book


With Devil's Run miniatures getting set to appear at the Prodos stand this Salute, things are getting exciting for this post-apocalyptic vehicle game. To wrack up the excitement even more, we have been given our first look inside the rule book.

Vehicles of Devil’s Run Drive to Salute


The Devil's Run: Route 666, the upcoming post-apocalyptic miniatures game of vehicular carnage, has an exciting announcement as some of its minis will be appearing at Salute for us all to see.

Help Name New Character Model From Devil’s Run: Route 666


See if you can help the designers behind The Devil's Run: Route 666 name their new character model which looks HUGE!

The Bikers Of The Devil’s Run: Route 666 Take Shape In New Renders


Rev your engines and get ready for a chase across dusty highways with a look at the renders for the world of Devil's Run: Route 666 coming soon to Kickstarter.

Head Out On The Devil’s Run, A New Game of Vehicular Battles


Word Forge Games, the guys behind Guardians of Eden, have announced that they are currently working on another new game. This time they're heading out on the highway in the post-apocalyptic vehicle battle game The Devil's Run: Route 666.

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