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Grab Yourself A THON Starter Box For The New Year


The folks behind THON have three Starter Faction Boxes for you to choose from and if you've been considering their game you might want to check each of these out...

Stride Into Battle With THON’s Havok-S Sidewinder Walker


The world of THON continues with the release of one of their big walkers, the Havok-S Sidewinder. This monstrous beast is armed to the teeth and looks like it could be quite the handful on the battlefield...

THON’s Sons Of ORD Prepare The Havok For War


THON present the rather impressive looking Havok battlesuit for their Sci-Fi world and unlike their infantry this actually looks like it might be worth picking up!

Will You Join The Stalwart Honor Guard Of THON?


Check out some more additions to the world of THON where they've bought out the Honour Guard for the Thonian Alliance to help win the fight.

Studio Giraldez Get Their Hands On Actual THON Miniatures!


Studio Giraldez have got some rather cool THON miniatures in their possession and I would assume they're going to be painting them up! See what you think of the heroes, trooper and walker from this set.

THON’s Newest Update Promises Big Things On The Horizon!


See what you think of another piece of gorgeous artwork for THON and the news that they've moved into the next step of production! Could we be seeing a Kickstarter soon?

The Highborn Make Themselves Known In The World Of THON


One of these days this game will come out. In the mean time take a look at some more renders for the Highborn from THON.

Rules For THON’s Rim World Raiders Appear!


See what you think of the rules for the Rim World Raiders that have been posted by the folks behind THON.

A Preview Of THON’s Metal Miniatures Appears!


THON moves on from artwork and renders and unveils two metal miniatures that are hopefully coming soon!

THON Produces A Miniature For Caurus Ord!


It's been a while but we might start to finally be seeing some traction with THON! Check out the master miniature for Caurus Ord within.

Become One Of THON’s Warriors In Training


THON have another render to show off and this time its for the Ardor Corps.

Bring The Hammer Down With THON’s Apostle Daughtus


See what happens when you show me hammers!? I get all excited and start waxing lyrical about the shape of them!

Groundbreakers & War Keepers Previewed For THON


Check out some more previews for the world of THON. Will you come down on the side of the tank or the War Keeper this time around?

Begin The Shaping With THON’s Highborn


THON shows off another piece of artwork for the Highborn Shaper. It's looking top notch even if it isn't another model!

The Havok Gets Fired Up From The World Of THON


THON arrives with a proper model and it does look pretty fantastic!

Dauntless Apostles & Guardians Grace The World Of Thon


Check out the world of Thon once more with some designs for both the Apostles and the Guardians in the game.

Previews Of THON Continue With The Ordhren HVK


Check out a nice piece of artwork for THON and follow its development away from the fundraiser.

THON Introduces You To The Core Incarnate


THON continues to bring us concept art with a look at Spirit, the Soul Core. What do you think of the artwork and the future of the game?

The Epic Sci-Fi Kickstarter THON Gets Cancelled


The THON Kickstarter has been cancelled! Take a look at what the creators say within and fear not as they do still want to bring those fantastic miniatures to the tabletop.

Recon THON’s Upcoming Stretch Goals & Gameplay Video!


Check out what the world of THON will have to offer once they start raking in even more money!

Exclusive Miniatures For THON On Kickstarter!


Check out this pair of exclusive miniatures for the THON Kickstarter Campaign. Which of these two will you be grabbing, or maybe it will be both!

THON Hits Kickstarter & Bursts Its Target Wide Open


Check out the Kickstarter for the world of THON! Yes it's finally here and you can check out a whole host of miniatures too!

More Sneak Peeks & Previews For The World Of THON


Check out a lot more art and even a miniature for the world of THON. The Kickstarter is just around the corner so keep an eye out!

More Concept Art For THON As The Kickstarter Closes In


Check out some more concept art from the world of THON. The start of their Kickstarter is also soon approaching, so watch this space...

Defense Units, Fireborn & More For The World Of THON


THON gets some miniature previews! See what you think of these rather special looking pieces.

Join The Ranks Of The Thonian Honour Guard


THON has another piece of concept art for you. But don't worry this one also comes with a render of what the final model might look like!

Meet THON’s Keeper Of The Living Library


THON has another piece of concept art out to enjoy. This time it's for a stern looking matriarch...

More Artwork Illuminates The World Of THON


Check out more concept art for the Sci-Fi world of THON.

THON Cries Havok & Unleashes A Deadly Looking Mech


Check out another Work-in-Progress piece from THON, the Havok.

Check Out More Concept Art From The World Of THON


Check out this piece of cool concept art from the world of THON...

The Thonian Automated Defense Unit Takes Shape


The folks at THON put the finishing touches to their Automated Defense Unit. It's not how I thought it would turn out!

A Deadly Ordhren Tracker Hunts You Down In THON


Check out more concept art from the world of THON...

The Thonians Prepare Their Automated Defense Unit


Check out this new 3D render from the folks behind THON.

Searching Your Spirit With The Soul Core In THON


A new piece of concept art comes out for the world of THON.

Scout Ahead With The Highborn Rangers Of THON


Check out this new piece of concept for THON: The Game...

Sci-Fi THON Previews For The Ordhren HAVOK


Check out more previews from the world of THON.

THON’s Fireborn Get New Helmets For The Battlefield


Check out the new version of the Fireborn from THON. This time he has a helmet for the battlefield.

Have You Heard Of THON: The Game & Their Epic Fireborn?


What do you make of this superb looking model from upcoming game THON?

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