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Greebo Grow a Sexy Sylvan Treewoman


Greebo Games are coming out with a new Treewoman miniature that will make a walk in the forest seem a far more pleasant (and most likely fatal) prospect.

Greebo’s Next Team Bring Dwarfs From the Orient


Greebo Games have recently been teasing us with a couple of sketches, leaving us scratching our heads over just who this new fantasy football team could be.

Greebo’s Fantasy Team of Rat Assassins Gets Released


The Hand of Death, Greebo's much anticipated fantasy football team of rat assassins, has been released onto their webstore.

A Swift Assassin Appears for Greebo’s Next Team


Greebo Games have published a new concept sketch showing off a second player for their upcoming team, a sexy assassin captured in a moment of graceful violence.

Greebo Games Post a Concept for a Monstrous New Team


Greebo Games have published a new concept sketch promising to bring us a truly monstrous mini which should be part of a whole new team.

Greebo Bring Some Colour To Their Hand of Death


Greebo Games have recently been publishing new pictures showing off their rat Hand of Death team in fully painted glory.

Have a Smoke With Greebo’s Yosu Preparing for Print


Greebo have finished preparing one of the last members of their rodent Hand of Death team, and now the sly and stylish Yosu is ready for printing.

It’ll Take More Than Cheese in a Trap to Deal with Greebo’s Rats


The rats are continuing to swarm around Greebo as two new previews appear, including the announcement that their ratman assassin Skitex is ready.

Pledge Yourself to the Hand of Death or Face Greebo’s Third Assassin


Greebo will be sending out the pledge managers for their Hand of Death IndieGoGo fundraiser, which will help you who chipped in pick up your copy of their third assassin who is currently being sculpted.

Haksilam Leaps Into Greebo’s Hand of Death Team


It's the last few days for Greebo's Hand of Death crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. It has seen a good level of success, unlocking a bunch of cool minis including this new assassin Haksilam.

The Sinister Blade Master Joins the Game on Greebo’s IndieGoGo


Tonight it will be time to dine on Tartalar soup as Greebo add the concept sketch of the sinister Blade Master to their IndieGoGo campaign.

Greebo Games Lay the Hand of Death upon IndieGoGo


It looks like Greebo are continuing to bring us some awesome Japanese styled fantasy teams for Tutatis via IndieGoGo, as they follow up the success of their previous Nippo Goblin Team with the new ratty players of the Hand of Death.

Design the Dice of Greebo’s Hand of Death


The Hand of Death, Greebo's team of Japanese ratmen, are getting their own set of six sided dice and they want you to come up with the designs.

Greebo Ask What Bling Their Ninja Turtle Should Wear


Greebo Games have published pictures of four variant 3D renders of their new Ninja Turtle mini and they want you to tell them which one they should go with.

Greebo Release a Dwarf with Nothing to Hide


You'd never really think of dwarfs as a race which should be shown au naturel, but obviously they don't have anything to be ashamed of if Greebo's new Naked Dwarf mini is anything to go by.

Greebo Stitch Up a Dinosaur


Greebo have been a bit quiet of late but we are assured that there is some more on the way and in the meant time we have a new mini for the great game of Tutatis. Rexy, the Dino Puppet!

Games Of The Day: Tutatis


If you like Fantasy Football and want to try something a bit different yet easy to pick up and play then see what you think of Tutatis!

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