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Art Direction


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Black Wasp Games’ New Skirmish Game Warbands Hits Kickstarter


See how Warbands is shaping up now it's on Kickstarter from Black Wasp Games! This game has a really awesome art style and the gameplay sounds ace too. I love these kind of micro-skirmish games!

Black Wasp Upgrades Bases In Upcoming Warbands Kickstarter


Black Wasp Games is already offering a nice little perk to gamers who order miniatures in their upcoming Warband Kickstarter. Now mini's ordered through the project will get base upgrades to these sweet forest bases!

Black Wasp Sculpt the Shamanic Okobark the Half-Orc


Black Wasp Games's Kickstarter for their upcoming wargame Warbands will be heading out on the 28th of February, and already we are getting to see what some of the final models will look like. Check out their sculpt for Okobark, the Half-Orc.

A Thief Breaks into Black Wasp Games


Black Wasp Games are showing off the latest of their Warbands fantasy sculpts, a hooded human thief kitted up for a spot of burglary.

Black Wasp Bring New Fantastical Warband Sketches


Black Wasp Games have produced a bunch of new concept sketches to give us all an idea of what they are planning for their upcoming miniatures game Warbands.

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