Megalith Games Herald the Troglodyte Warlord

July 19, 2012 by brennon

Megalith Games are leaving the City States of the Halodynes behind and are head into the wilds to talk with the Troglodytes! Check out the Duskborn Chieftain ready to cave in skulls and plunder for magical weapons and armour...

Godslayer Duskborn Chieftain

This is one of the first models for the Troglodytes and it's looking like a bit of a mix of Asian armour and western weaponry. It's certainly got a different edge to it, distinctly away from the Halodynes and the Dwarves of Nordgaard. Is this model a little static though compared to what we have seen?

Godslayer Hoplites

And for a bit of comparison here is a group of the Hoplites for the Halodyne forces. I quite like the thrusting dynamic throughout the pieces and the soldier with his bandaged eye shows they are veterans of the wars. I guess you can't escape those plums and spears!

There is also a selection of gaming aids available for free download HERE.

And the rules of course are free HERE.

So are the Troglodytes your faction for Godslayer?

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