Golem Arcana Launch Approaching Quickly!

June 9, 2014 by brennon

Golem Arcana from Harebrained Schemes is coming closer to its Kickstarter release and of course following on from that a retail one too. See what you think of the fundraiser boxed game below and some of the miniatures in the first wave...

Kickstarter Boxed Game

If you check out one of the latest posts for Kickstarter they have detailed some of the changes they have gone for including lore and fluff tweaks. The game is still very much on our radar and we're interested to see exactly how it does once it comes to retail.

Golem Arcana Core

Jagara Colossus

Not bad for pre-painted miniatures and although they could probably do with a bit of a wash it might work out quite well I'd say. I know the game itself has been met with a few raised eyebrows but I genuinely think this could be a nice step towards a different style of gaming on the tabletop. We've of course felt the same way about certain games before but these guys seem to have the support behind them as back up.

What do you think of Golem Arcana?

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