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Gorgon Studios Lay Down Fire With New Fallschirmjager


Gorgon Studios are laying down some covering fire with their new Fallschirmjäger releases for use in your World War II games.

Odin The Adventurer Hits The Road From Gorgon Studios


Odin and his apprentice are out seeking adventure with these 28mm metal figures

Gorgon Studios Go To War With Viking Shieldmaidens


Gorgon Studios has now added a set of Viking Shieldmaidens and their leader, Lagertha, to their webstore for all your Dark Age gaming games.

Gorgon Studios Expands Their WWII Range With New Offerings


Gorgon Studios has some new offerings for your WWII speciality force.

Gorgon Studios Raise The Dark Age Draugr For Battle


If you're interested in sticking some Fantasy into your Dark Age gaming then how about this new Necromancer and Draugr from Gorgon Studios? Let's get raiding some barrows!

WWII Brits & Norwegian Snipers New From Gorgon


Gorgon Studios have two new sets of 28mm World War II miniatures for use in your British and Norwegian armies. The first set is the British Command Support team while the second is a Sniper Team from Norway...

Gebirgsjager Add To The Fallschirmjager From Gorgon Studios


Gorgon Studios has released mountain troops for the WWII German Army in tropical uniforms.

Plenty Of LMG Firepower Coming Out Of Gorgon Studios!


Gorgon Studios have set up a range of new LMG teams for your World War II gaming. See what you think of a German, French and Norwegian selection!

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