BaneLegions Bring the Viking Berserker Rage

November 9, 2011 by brennon

We saw some impressive sculpts from BaneLegions yesterday with Ckaarakk and Maru, but this guy has beaten both of them in my opinion. Meet Eirik Longaxe - Steersman of Hrafnen.

Eirik Longaxe Concept

Amazing bit of detail about the hero and the artists notes on the image are always fun to read. But you want to see the full sculpt don't you?

Eirik Longaxe Sculpt

It might be my love of all things Norse winning me over, but this model looks superb! Once again Eirik will be available 3rd December, and they have promised more images soon, including painted ones.

Are you as won over as me by this latest miniature?

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