Light Up The Battlefield With Powered Play Gaming

April 16, 2013 by brennon

A company called Powered Play Gaming is running a Kickstarter currently to help bring a neat modular kit to the tabletop, allowing you to light up your models and add effects to the battlefield.

Modular Light Set-Up

"We came up with a modular LED kit that lets you only have to worry about where you want to run the effects. Simply drill your holes, run the wires and plug it in. You can do what you want with your models, where you want it, with the colors and effects of your choice."

Drop Pod & Predator


As you can see the effects are pretty awesome and if you believe the pledge video on their Kickstarter, even a child can set this up. Of course this could be a little more modelling than some people are used to but the end result is epic.

I particularly like the look of it on the Drop Pod. We all like seeing something different on the tabletop and the modular design of this should make it easy to 'plug in and play' (forgive the pun!).

Do you think you'll be pledging?

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