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Add To Your Bases & Terrain With Kromlech’s Foliage & Turf


Kromlech has a few different sets of terrain-crafting options for you to grab from their webstore this week. If you're looking to add some colour to your bases then you can get your hands on both Clump Foliage and Coarse Turf right now.

New Hobby Tools Coming To Games Workshop’s Citadel Range


Games Workshop isn't just focused on miniatures this weekend. Saturday also sees pre-orders go live for a bunch of new Hobby Tools from the Citadel Colour range. Prepare all your clampy bits and elastic bands. 

John Tries Resin Casting – VLOG


Today I show you a little journey I am taking into the world of casting resin. The part I am trying to make is the lense for my Power Armour's helmet lamp. Let's see how I get on!

Battle Foam Unboxing: Ammo Box Bag


Today John and Justin get their hands on the sturdy Ammo Box Bag from Battle Foam.

Active Minds Games Returns With The Ultra-Clear X-Case


Active Minds Games is back on Kickstarter with their new Ultra-Clear option for their fantastic X-Case. Now you can really give your minis the true display case feel without the weight and expense of glass.

Mennes’ Mini-Mashup: Crafting Swords From Scratch


Ever thought that sword or axe on the sprue isn't really suited for the model it comes with?

Battle Foam Keep Your New Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Goodies Safe


Battle Foam are quick off the mark and they have already started work on a new set of foam and inserts for your Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower collection.

Beasts Live Stream From GeekNSon’s Table


GeekNSon have been working hard on a table which Beasts of War will be using to live stream from at UKGE.

Ten Holiday Season Gifts For Tabletop Gamers!


Some of the team have put together a few suggestions for what we think might be good stocking fillers, new year bargains or indeed full on presents for tabletop gamers this holiday season...

Kickstarter Watch – Wargaming Movies, Picking Locks & Ninja RPGS!


We take a look at a handful of awesome Kickstarter campaigns that we've spotted this week including Dice, Card Games, RPGs and even a Movie too...

Hobby Transportation & New Paint Sets Available From Games Workshop


Some new hobby kit is on pre-order this week from Games Workshop. Not only do they have a range of transport options for getting your models and paints from A to B but also a revamped Dry Paints set as well. See what you think...

Weekender XLBS: Clear Bases – Yay Or Nay & A Battle Report Challenge


Join us for loads of hobby chatter and the chance to come and join us for some Battle Reports here in the studio! Join Backstage Here

Tread Ancient Paths With New Cobblestone Bases By Tabletop-Art


Tabletop-Art have two new sets of Cobblestone Bases for you which come in both 30mm and 40mm flavours. The style is that of cracked paving stones more than cobblestones but would be perfect for an urban environment...

Infinity Arachne: Where To Get Your Infinity Tokens!


This week in Infinity Arachne we're looking at the kind of tokens you need for your games of Infinity and where to get them. There's quite a variety out there so come and have a look at some basics and maybe more advanced options too...

Go From Badlands To Tundra With Antenocitis’ Bases


Antenocitis have a range of new base sizes available for use with Infinity. Both the Badlands and Snow & Ice are now part of the Designed For Infinity range with sizes ranging from 25mm up to 55mm...

Mega Armies & New Books Gather For Launch Of Kings Of War


Some big armies are gathering for Kings of War by Mantic Games. The two big ones right now are the Elf Mega Army and the Abyssal Dwarf Mega Army however there are also some other bits and pieces working taking a look at too if you're prepping for this Fantasy mass battle game...

Tish Tosh Tesh Roll Their Steampunk Dice Onto Kickstarter


Finishing very soon on Kickstarter we have a project from Tish Tosh Tesh where they are looking for additional funding to get Tinker Dice onto the tabletop. They are already funded but the dice set is superb looking so it's well worth checking out...

Fantastic Details With Themed Base Inserts From Brush 4 Hire


Looking to add some quick and lovely detail to the bases for your minis? Check out Brush 4 Hire's line of themed basing inserts- wooden plank, sci fi, metal rivets and high tech.

Guild Ball Work With Frozen Forge To Create New Token Sets


Guild Ball team, Steamforged Games, have been working with Frozen Forge to put together a range of Token Sets for the various teams in the game as well as for all those necessary things like templates and markers. See what you think...

Scibor Base Minis Like an Egyptian


Scibor Monstrous are working on a new selection of decorative bases to transport your miniatures to the ruins of ancient Egypt.

Check Out Some Cool Cosy Terminator & Home Raiders Dice Bags!


See what you think of some amazingly well made Dice Bags from Cosy Dice who have been picking up a lot of official merchandise recently.

Tabletop Art Go Round Their Graveyard Bases


Tabletop Art have come out with new round lipped versions of their undead ground bases, providing you with some new basing options for your morbidly inclined miniatures.

Battle Foam Offers Eco-friendly Boxes To Store Your Minis


Now you can get into a bag/box of custom foam at a more affordable price with Battle Foam's new storage options. Gamers can get 2 different options with handles and great, flat top stackables to organize your game room.

Tabletop Art Base Your Minis On Crystal Tech and Trench Warfare


Tabletop Art have some new 32mm scale bases released, taking your miniatures to the crystal powered tech of the future or to the conditions of trench warfare.

Q&A Time – Getting To Know The Dice Bag Lady!


Community member bintykins took some time to chat with the wonderful Annie from The Dice Bag Lady about her work, what wargames she plays and what she thinks about women in our hobby!

Stunning Dragon Playmats & Table Mats Available On Kickstarter


Now you can order the beautiful art from Draco Magi to decorate and protect your table. The Dragon Playmats and Tablemats Kickstarter is available right now from Robert Burke Games.

Micro Art Studios Upgrade Their Round Bases To 32mm


Scale up to 32mm with some new base sizes from Micro Art Studios. If you want to make your soldiers look a bit more epic then maybe this could be a new consideration?

Tabletop-Art Take You To Ruins & Distant Planets With New 32mm Bases


What do you make of these new 32mm size bases from Tabletop-art? What kind of armies and game systems would you use them for?

Tabletop Art’s Shaleground Bases Go Round


Tabletop Art are once again expanding their selection of bases as their new Shaleground bases go round.

New Treasure Markers In The Making From Antimatter Games


Antimatter Games is working on a cool new treasure marker to add some sparkle to your Deepwars or Shadowsea game. Any adventurer would be glad to find gold and gems like this!

Tabletop-Art Unearth More Graves For Your New Unit Bases


Tabletop-Art have gone all rural and weird with their latest crop of bases that focus in on a bit of a ruckus at the local church and then some fighting atop stony moors with some shaleground.

The Gear Dice Kickstarter Has The Perfect Touch For Your Steampunk Game


Now you can add another level of detail to your steampunk game with the addition of some gear dice! The Gear Dice Kickstarter offers these gear themed dice in plastic or metal and look awesome!

Roll Your Way To Success With the New Imperial Assault Dice Packs


No more fighting over dice. Fantasy Flight released an Imperial Assault Dice Pack to get you more dice to roll your way to success. Double your dice from the core set and players can have their own set.

Make Your Dice Your Own With Halfsies Dice Kickstarter


Everyone knows that you roll better with your "special" dice. Your options just opened up with the new Halfsies Dice Kickstarter out right now! Dual colored, pearlish dice in a variety of colors are sure to increase your odds of success- or at least make the bad rolls more tolerable.

Litko Bases Leave Your Beasts Going in Circles


Litko have just released two new large scale circular bases that will be perfect to help put your monstrous beasties on the appropriately shaped bases for the game you use them in.

Keep Track of Your Orders With New Tokens From Spectre Miniatures


Spectre Miniatures has some cool, new acrylic tokens to call your orders for Spectre: Operations. Whether you're troops are ready to make a move, or holding their position, these tokens will keep you on track!

Any Good Knight Needs a Chainmail Dice Bag!


Your dice have never looked so dangerous! Now you can store your dice in a chainmail dice bag from a Kickstarter from Crit Success- The World's Toughest Chainmail Dice Bag.

AKO DICE Kickstarter Offers A Sleek Sci-Fi Feel To Your Rolls


A roll of these Sci Fi dice from Kacha, is sure to be a success! The AKO DICE Kickstarter offers a clever, futuristic spin on 6 sided dice.

Walk Across Tabletop Art’s Next Meteoric Surface Bases


Tabletop Art have released a picture of the latest WiP's of their upcoming round lipped Meteoric Surface bases.

New 50mm Bases From Secret Weapon Miniatures


50mm scale minis are getting some new base options from Secret Weapon Miniatures next week. The Knight Bases offer some really cool new choices for gamers and hobbiests to dress up there minis.

ModelMates Gets A New Website Full Of Weathering Ideas!


ModelMates have launched a new website and it's chock full of very interesting ideas for those looking to add weathering and other realistic effects to their miniatures and wargaming boards. Check out what they have to offer!

Uncover Ancient Machinery With Tabletop-Art Bases


Tabletop-Art breathes some more life into an abandoned part of the world where they've uncovered some Ancient Machinery bases that would be great for a range of different games.

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