Tabletop Art Go Round Their Graveyard Bases

April 29, 2015 by dracs

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Tabletop Art have come out with new round lipped versions of their undead ground bases, providing you with some new basing options for your morbidly inclined miniatures.

Undead Ground 30mm

Undead Ground 40mm

Undead Ground 50mm 1

These bases are covered with plenty of cool detail that set your models in the depths of a dark and creepy graveyard. Broken graves and churned earth give the impression that all the dead have already risen from this graveyard, which is a pretty scary prospect in itself.

Undead Ground 50mm 2

Undead Ground 50mm 3

Undead Ground 120mm

Now that these bases are available in circular form as well as rectangular, I think they would be perfectly suited for use in Malifaux. With the presence of the Resurrectionists and the Death Marshals, there is plenty of reasons for a game to take place in a graveyard and these decorative bases should make your model stand out.

Do you like using cinematic bases like Tabletop Art's?

"I think they would be perfectly suited for use in Malifaux."

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