Guild Ball Work With Frozen Forge To Create New Token Sets

May 22, 2015 by brennon

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Guild Ball team, Steamforged Games, have been working with Frozen Forge to put together a range of Token Sets for the various teams in the game as well as for all those necessary things like templates and markers. See what you think...

Tokens For Teams

First up we have a look at the various Token Sets you can buy which are designed to match your team and add another layer of awesomeness to your play...

Alchemist Tokens

Brewers Tokens

Butcher Tokens

Engineer Tokens

I think they're really nice looking and with plenty of individuality to set them apart from each other on the tabletop. I particularly like the designs for the Butchers and the Brewers although the yellow is fairly bright and I imagine it might be a bit hard to see them on the tabletop.

Fisherman Tokens

Mason Tokens

Mortician Tokens

Union Tokens

The last couple of sets round off the collection and as you can see there's something for everyone. I am a big fan of purple but since I'm not actually a Union lover I think I'll have to just leave that. One of the coolest things is that they also come with all the various abilities on the tokens allowing you to quickly see what's what.

More Tokens & Templates!

Frozen Forge have also worked on some templates and such for the way balls bounce and all manner of other mishaps that can befall unfortunate players...

Plot Tokens


I really like these with the clear plastic and the actual patterning and such on them works out very nicely. You can really see the detail on some of the smaller pieces. I'd say that these were well worth picking up if you're looking to get into Guild Ball.

Which team do you play as?

"I particularly like the designs for the Butchers and the Brewers..."

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