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Check Out City Protectors & Angry Norse Warriors From Puppets War


Two new sets of heads have been released by Puppets War this week. The first of these would be great for those looking to dive into some Sci-Fi gaming where you need to enforce the law.

Battle Foam Create Fitted Foam For Guild Ball Teams


The team at Battle Foam has now released some new items on both the US and UK stores.

Puppets War’s Noble & Frenzied Vampires Go Hunting For Blood


Puppets War has now released two new sets of Vampire Heads.

Heroes Of Middle-earth & Citadel Project Kit This Week From Games Workshop


The team at Games Workshop has been busy working on a few Middle-earth related releases for this week but also something for the Painters out there too.

Art Of War Studios Preview Alternative KeyForge Components!


The team at Art Of War Studios has been showing off some of the work that has been going into their alternative tokens for use in Fantasy Flight Games' KeyForge.

Bandua Design New Holobstacles For Infinity & Aristeia!


Bandua Wargames has added more terrain pieces to their Designed For Infinity section of their webstore with some Sponsored Holobstacles which can be used for both Infinity and Aristeia!

MaxMini Get The Bros Together To Celebrate Orktober


MaxMini celebrate Orktober with some awesome new Ork Bro Heads that feature interesting likenesses that you'll probably have worked out in a minute!

Keep Your Warhammer Underworlds Set Safe In New Carry Case


Games Workshop released a neat new Warhammer Underworlds Carry Case onto their webstore recently and it will be available this weekend.

3DAlienWorlds Measure With The Accuracy Of A Samurai


3DAlienWorlds is bringing the war of thematic measuring devices to a head with their new Samurai Measuring Swords. Yes, you heard me right.

MiniMonsters Go Rooting Through A Fantastical Library


MiniMonsters has been adding more little bits and bobs onto their webstore for those who love their kitbashing.

Crooked Dice Fit A Whole Armoury Into Their Cars


Crooked Dice are showing off more of their post-apocalyptic vehicle kits, this time showcasing the various weapons we're going to get to fill our cars with.

Bandua Wargames Design New Tokens For WWII Wargaming


Bandua Wargames have popped together some new tokens you could use as objective markers, activation tokens and more for your World War II games.

Battle Foam Preview New Song Of Ice & Fire Kits Coming Soon


Battle Foam has previewed some of the new A Song Of Ice & Fire Miniatures Game which will be coming to their webstores very soon.

Gingermane Show Off New Sci-Fi Subway & Cute Kitty Bases


Gingermane Studio has been showing off some new terrain and accessories for your Sci-Fi games. If you like your Infinity these folks have some superb terrain options for you to check out...

Take Aim With LARP Muskets And Flintlocks On Kickstarter


With my recent foray into LARP, I thought I'd take a moment to tell you about something a little different as LARP Box and B3 Imagination Studio team up to bring LARP Muskets to Kickstarter.

Nightmarish Helms Are Donned With New Puppets War Releases


Puppets War has now finished some long-awaited helmets for your Space Knights. Check out these Blood Knights...

Strontium Dog Pre-Orders Now Live From Warlord Games


Warlord Games has now started taking pre-orders for the world of Strontium Dog with an awesome looking Starter Set at the head of it all.

Puppets War Wander Through Piles Of Corpses


Puppets War has gone full-on bloodthirsty with their latest release. It is very simply a big Corpse Pile. 

Hexy’s WarTiles Tinker With Shadespire Worthy Tokens & Markers


Hexy has added some new WarTiles to their collection for those playing Shadespire and needing a bit more bling.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Unboxing: Malign Sorcery


We have another Age of Sigmar expansion unboxing and this time we're looking at the Malign Sorcery spell effect set from Games Workshop.

Weekender: Stunning Celestial Miniatures & Building An Age Of Sigmar Tabletop


Join us for The Weekender as we build a tabletop for Age Of Sigmar: Soul Wars and show off some stunning painting for the Celestial competition!

Pre-Order Now Open For Army Painter’s D&D Paint Sets & Brushes


Army Painter has teamed up with Gale Force Nine and Wizards Of The Coast to produce a range of painting products for those delving into the hobby side of Dungeons & Dragons. Three options are now available for pre-order...

Battle Foam Add New Gaslands Foam To Their Webstore


Battle Foam has teamed up with the Gaslands crew to bring you a range of new Foam to keep your post-apocalyptic machines safe...well until you want to unleash them upon the tabletop at any rate!

Build Mighty Landscapes With Fantasy World Builder


This one is a relatively small scale project and it might not get to its funding goal, but the idea is sound. Philip Wells is on Kickstarter looking to fund his Fantasy World Builder Tiles...

Prepare For Age Of Sigmar Soul Wars Pre-Orders This Weekend


Games Workshop has been preparing you for the big one as Soul Wars and Age Of Sigmar 2nd Edition comes out for pre-order this weekend.

Mount Your Star Wars: Legion Models On New FFG Sculpted Bases


If you're looking to get into the hobbying side of Star Wars: Legion then Fantasy Flight Games' new Premium Bases might be what you're looking for. 

Craft New Bases With Green Stuff World Rollers


You might know of the Green Stuff World Rollers which can be used to pattern whatever material you tinker with to make bases.

Micro Art Studio Produce New Explosive Accessories & Cover Terrain For Infinity


Micro Art Studio has been tinkering away on some more options for those who play games of Infinity.

Bandua Design New Tournament Trays For Your Growing Armies


Bandua Wargames has added a range of new Tournament Tray designs to the Webstore Exclusive section of their website. Take a peek!

GameCraft Are Tournament Ready With New Legion & Bolt Action Trays


GameCraft Miniatures has two new Tournament Trays for you to check out on their webstore. The first of these is for use with Bolt Action models.

New Shadespire Accessories Crafted By Bandua Wargames


A new range of Shadespire Compatible Products has been dropped into the mix by Bandua Wargames.

Puppets War Release Some Purrfect New Sci-Fi Helmets


Puppets War has released some new Sci-Fi helmets for your space warriors of the far future. Here we have the Bastet Helmet collection.

Weekender: Wargaming World War I, A Civilisation Of Fish & What’s Next For Antares?


Welcome to the Weekender!

Grab Gaslands Accessories & Terrain From Burn In Designs


If you've been getting into Gaslands from Osprey Games then you might want to check out some of the New Accessories that have been put together by Burn In Designs for you to use when playing the game.

Snap Up Micro Art Studio’s New Tournament Tray Deluxe


Tournament Trays have been used by wargamers for a while now, helpful for transporting your miniatures and keeping all of your accessories in one place. Well, Micro Art Studio has made their own version, the Tournament Tray Deluxe, which can be used with a fancy insert too.

Frontier Wargaming’s Portable Paint Stations & Model Cases


You might remember that a few Weekender's ago we were giving away the Portable Painting Station and Model Case from Frontier Wargaming. Well, we just wanted to remind you of them and make sure you check them out over on their webstore...

Puppets War Release The Heads Of Office


Puppets War have released two new head sets to let you promote your soldiers to officers.

GameCraft Design LED Light Fixture For Painting Stations


GameCraft Miniatures has added a new LED Light for your Painting Stations to their webstore this week.

It Still Only Counts As One! Forge World’s Big LotR Mumak Upgrades


Forge World has added another big kit to their webstore for fans of The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit. Here we have their Mûmak War Leader...

Don Your New Ushanka Heads From Puppets War


If you're looking to make some Cyber Soviets (hopefully with less nerve agent involved) then you might want to check out these new Masked Ushanka Heads from Puppets War.

Witchhunters & Weapon WiPs Unveiled By Artel W Miniatures


Artel W Miniatures has been previewing some of the tinkering they have been doing over the past few weeks.

Forge World Arm Necromunda’s Goliath Gang


Warhammer Community has just previewed a new set of weapon options Forge World are preparing for Necromunda's Goliath Gang.

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