Battle Foam Create Fitted Foam For Guild Ball Teams

December 7, 2018 by brennon

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The team at Battle Foam has now released some new items on both the US and UK stores. They have worked with Steamforged Games on a range of fitted foams which are tailored towards the different teams and also feature toppers with etched in logos too.

Guild Ball Foam Brewers (Inserted) - Steamforged Games

As you can see there's space for the team as well as additional tokens and more than you need to play. Many of the characters are catered too with the more dynamic ones being given their own pre-cut areas and others have simply been given a slot for their bases.

I like how nice and deep the fit is for these meaning that the miniatures are going to be very well protected as you're carting them around. Here's what the Brewer's Guild topper looks like too.

Guild Ball Foam Brewers - Steamforged Games

Many of the other teams have been catered for as well and it's neat to see something like this to show allegiance towards one team or another. I think these would be a great idea for someone who goes to a lot of tournaments or needs somewhere to store their team when it can't be on display.

Guild Ball Foam Alchemists - Steamforged Games

Make sure to check out both the US Store and UK Store depending on where you live as you can take a better look at more of their work.

Guild Ball Foam Masons - Steamforged Games

So, which team do you play as when it comes to Guild Ball and are you going to be considering some of this foam for yourself or a pal?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Make sure to check out both the US Store and UK Store..."

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