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Battle Foam Keep Aeronautica Imperialis Safe With New Inserts


Battle Foam has now released a series of inserts for those picking up not only the Core Box for Aeronautica Imperialis but also some of the expansions too.

Battle Foam Create Fitted Foam For Guild Ball Teams


The team at Battle Foam has now released some new items on both the US and UK stores.

Battle Foam Collect Together New Necromunda/Kill Team Foam


A large array of new Foam options and Carry Cases have been offered up from Battle Foam for those who are playing games like Necromunda or Kill Team. 

Battle Foam Preview New Song Of Ice & Fire Kits Coming Soon


Battle Foam has previewed some of the new A Song Of Ice & Fire Miniatures Game which will be coming to their webstores very soon.

Weekender: Stunning Celestial Miniatures & Building An Age Of Sigmar Tabletop


Join us for The Weekender as we build a tabletop for Age Of Sigmar: Soul Wars and show off some stunning painting for the Celestial competition!

Unboxing: Battle Foam – P.A.C.K. GO


Billy from Battle Foam joins Justin in the studio to talk about their new iteration of the P.A.C.K. GO bag.

Spotlight on the German forces in Cassino


Mike and Sean take a detailed look at the German lists in the new Cassino book.

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