Weekender: Stunning Celestial Miniatures & Building An Age Of Sigmar Tabletop

June 16, 2018 by crew

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Welcome to the Weekender where we've got some stunning miniatures, and some fantastic sculpts to show off as well on the show today.

Weekender: Stunning Celestial Miniatures & Building An Age Of Sigmar Tabletop

Make sure to get your comments in below on all of the goodness we've talked about today and we'll be right in there with you answering questions and more.

Updates - Events & Prizes!

Make sure to stay tuned in the next few weeks as some of the team are going to be at the Battlefront Open Day here in the UK looking at all things warlike with the team.

Of course, we also have the UK Games Expo competitions running where you could comment to win some goodies. You can check out the prizes from FridaySaturday and Sunday to see what's up for grabs.

Warren Meet's Mat

Inspired by Age Of Sigmar 2nd Edition and the Soul Wars box we talk through some of the ideas we could brew up for getting an appropriate tabletop built to suit these armies clashing on the tabletop.

What do you think of the different ideas we've looked to employ here and what would you change?

Age Of Sigmar: Soul Wars

We've already done the Unboxing of Soul Wars but we thought we'd show off some of our favourite models from the new boxed set.

As well as that we give our thoughts on the designs as a whole and how they've come together and work out how we'd paint them.

Basing Death & Order

We also take some time to look at some of the bases we'd pick out for the armies by Micro Art Studio. You can check them out yourself here with the AncientWasteland and Graveyard bases that they provide over on their webstore.


We make sure to delve into the news and talk about some of the topics that caught our eye this week...

What do you make of the news from this week?

Stunning Celestial Painting!

We also take some time to look at the finalists of the Celestial Painting Competition run alongside the folks at Diemension Games.

The entrants we've had in the studio are just superb and you can check out a proper look at the models HERE as well as over on the Facebook Group for the competition.

If you'd like to check out more painting by each of these stunning artists you can see their portfolios and such below where you can see more of their outstanding work.

Massimiliano RichieroSergey ChasnykFrancesco Farabi - Ben Komets - Enrique Velasco - Fabrizio Russo - Sergio Calvo RubioAleksandra CvetanovskiAntonio PeñaDiego Esteban Perez

They truly are some of the BEST artists out there in the miniature painting world and as you might imagine it has been a tough process for the judges delving into their techniques.

Make sure to tune in for more talk about the finalists and the TOUGH vote that we're going to have to face when it comes to deciding on a winner here.


We have two awesome campaigns for you to check out...

  • Solomon Kane - See where Mythic Games are taking this iconic Witch Hunter
  • Escape The Dark Castle - Some new Adventure Packs and additional accessories have popped up!

Which of these are you going to be backing?

Competition Prizes!

We have the winner to announce from last week's Blighted Ogrun Theme Force competition. If you heard your name don't forget to Claim Your Prize.

If you're a friend of the winner make sure to let them know as well!

Have a great weekend!

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