Battle Foam Keep Aeronautica Imperialis Safe With New Inserts

September 13, 2019 by brennon

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Battle Foam has now released a series of inserts for those picking up not only the Core Box for Aeronautica Imperialis but also some of the expansions too. All of it is available both on their US and UK stores.

Aeronautica Foam #1 - Battle Foam

Their foam works much like with previous iterations in that it fits snugly into the box that you got the game in, allowing you to pack away everything from that initial set with ease...well, maybe with a bit of a squeeze here and there. It also means that if you're likely to be carting it around a lot you've already got a pre-made case to do so.

Aeronautica Foam #2 - Battle Foam

They have also been looking at some of the additional kit that got added in as well so you've got foam for some of the larger planes plus ones for the accessories and expansion which came out alongside the core game.

Aeronautica Foam #3 - Battle Foam

All of this can be checked out in more detail over on their webstore HERE where you can have a look at each of the elements which make up the set and decide which of them is key to your collection. I think this is a great idea and it's something we've seen becoming more popular with a lot of board games as well as miniatures games.

Are you going to be snagging some foam to keep your planes safe?

"Are you going to be snagging some foam to keep your planes safe?"

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