Puppets War Knight Your Minis With New Head Swap Options

December 23, 2018 by dracs

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Puppets War have released a couple of new head options, turning your models into either noble knights or shady scifi troopers.

First, there are two options for your knightly helmets, Knights or Paladins.

It's a nice touch to make the crests available separately. It would save a lot of tedious green-stuff sculpting when you want to mark out a figure who has gained particularly high honours on the field of battle.

Meanwhile, the Trooper heads have made a return, along with some new variants.

The regular Trooper and Shade Trooper heads are nice, but the Oppressor Heads are my particular favourites. They are very Judge Dredd looking, without being a straight off copy, so I would love to use them to create an Arbites warband for Necromunda.

How would you use these different head options? 

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