LITKO Get Snazzy With Tokens For Gaslands & KeyForge

December 17, 2018 by brennon

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LITKO work on some awesome gaming accessories and their latest venture has been to create some new tokens for use in both KeyForge and Gaslands.

KeyForge Tokens - LITKO

We'll start off with the tokens from LITKO which look to cover all of the various things you'll need for the game. I've found that more often than not the key tokens (hah) you'll need are Aember as well as wounds (and of course the keys to forge).

You can mostly get away without the other accessories but stun tokens and power can be helpful if you've got Sanctum in your deck especially. The collection can be expanded with more counters if you like as well if your deck ends up being accessory heavy!

I like the style of most of the tokens here apart from the wound ones. For some reason, a lot of companies just aren't hitting the mark for me with these. I think they look an odd shape and the etching in them doesn't feel right.


As well as these tokens they've been working on a range of new tokens to use with Gaslands.

Gaslands Tokens - LITKO

As you can see the main area that they're expanding on here is for ammo and effects that are being used by your cars on the tabletop. They have a lot of different ammo types for you to consider as well as things that you need to remind your opponents about.

The etching here matches up nicely against the background colours of the pieces so I have no problems here. I have yet to really play Gaslands but everytime I have seen it on the tabletop it has gone down a storm with those playing it.

What do you think of the new tokens?

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