Battle Across Immersive Battle Maps With Yarro Studios

February 21, 2019 by brennon

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Yarro Studio is on Kickstarter right now looking to get you stuck into skirmishes across Immersive Battle Maps. This book is designed for Dungeon Masters so that you can carry around a book full of maps for all the encounters your heroes run into.

Immersive Battle Maps - Yarro Studio

Included within the set are thirty different battle maps which cover two pages of the book. They also feature lay-flat binding so that whatever page you're on, you'll be able to play across both maps and get stuck into the action without too much of a problem.

Immersive Battle Maps (Close Up) - Yarro Studio

The maps are properly colourful and feature some fascinating environments that I wouldn't have considered before like the sunken ship above plenty of interiors for towns and such. You can see some of the offerings below.

Immersive Battle Maps (Options) - Yarro Studio

As well as the maps themselves you will also get some removable stickers which can be used across the maps to add features and hazards, changing things up each time you sit down to play around these maps.

More map designs are getting added each time the Kickstarter busts through stretch goals so maybe you'll see some quirky designs which inspire you to try out new encounters.

This is a concept which works very well and we've already seen companies like Gaming Books doing this with their Big Book Of Battle Mats. I've not had a flick through of their product but I would say that what we're seeing here does appear to be of a higher quality in terms of imagery but the stuff already available is a great alternative and of course, it's already on the market.

A lot of people have backed this project and I can see why! With so many new Dungeon Masters coming to the tabletop with stories to tell you want to make it as easy as possible for them to do that!

Will you be checking this out?

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