A Kickstarter For Alt-Art Cards Shows Your X-Wing Metal

May 18, 2019 by dracs

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Kei Taniguchi, a designer who runs Fully Modded Lighting, has launched a Kickstarter to create new alt-art, etched-metal cards for use in X-Wing.

Kei teamed up with a fellow X-Wing fan, Louis, and together they came up with a series of designs which they put out to some of the different swap and sell groups. Upon discovering there was a market for these alt-art designs, Kei launched this Kickstarter.

The etched-metal cards are double-sided. One side features a generic pilot for the ship, while on the other side you'll find an elite pilot (such as Han up above). All of them come with really cool blueprint designs of the ship in question.

Currently, the plans are for one card for each of the different factions:

  • Rebels: T-65 X-Wing. Luke Skywalker / Red Squadron / Veteran.
  • Empire: TIE Advanced x1. Darth Vader /  Tempest Squadron Pilot.
  • Scum: Fang Fighter. Fenn Rau / Zealous Recruit.
  • Resistance: T-70 X-Wing. Poe Dameron / Red Squadron Expert.
  • First Order: TIE / SF. Quickdraw / Zeta Squadron Survivor.
  • Republic: Delta 7 Aethersprite. Anakin Skywalker / Jedi Knight.
  • Separatists: Sith Infiltrator. Darth Maul / Dark Courier.

The campaign has already blasted past its £1000 funding goal, meaning that backers will also be receiving a double-sided, generic upgrade card (such as a shield or hull upgrade), as well as a special card Kei has described as "a double sided, metal, shitty Paint alt art card."

To be clear, it won't be this design, but Kei has said it will be something like this; fun, silly, and monochrome.

The cards themselves promise to have some really cool designs. The blueprints of Star Wars are almost as iconic as the ships themselves, and these sort of metal cards make for an eye-catching and different addition to your collection.

You can find out more about them over on the Kickstarter.

Are these the sort of accessories you might like to add to your game? 

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