Spellcrow’s Spooky Tower Terrain & Accessories

February 28, 2019 by cassn

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To you need a little more magic for your miniatures? Spellcrow have conjured up some new terrain items to keep gamers spellbound!


The 28mm Librarium Set features 12 books (6 opened, 6 closed) as well as four candles for your characters to read them by, and 4 skulls...for...quillholders?


When using the bones of your enemies for interior decoration, make sure you have a home worthy of their display. This Tower, for use with 10mm scale models, is perfect for a spooky castle or sorcerors seclude.

Both sets are cast in high-quality resin and come unpainted. You can summon yours through the Spellcrow website here.

What mystical tabletop game would you use these miniatures for?

"Use the bones of your enemies for interior decoration!"

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