Mega Armies & New Books Gather For Launch Of Kings Of War

July 22, 2015 by brennon

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Some big armies are gathering for Kings of War by Mantic Games. The two big ones right now are the Elf Mega Army and the Abyssal Dwarf Mega Army however there are also some other bits and pieces working taking a look at too if you're prepping for this Fantasy mass battle game. There's also a lot more for all of you looking to get started in Kings of War.

Armies Assemble

As mentioned above you can now pre-order both Abyssal Dwarfs and Elves as Starter Armies as well as Mega ones (shown below) with their respective army bundles which also net you the Obsidian Golems and Forest Shamblers.

Abyssal Dwarf Mega Army

Elf Mega Army

I really like the look of the Forest Shamblers and I think one of my aims would be to try and get a whole army of them together using counts as models or something. I have always loved the idea of the forest coming to life, this ancient force awakening in times of battle and bloodshed.

If you want to find out how both of these forces play then you can get a taster of them in the Free Rules which you can download thanks to Mantic.

Don't forget to also check out the Mantic Insider which they run on their Youtube Channel where they've been giving you a bit of a primer on 2nd Edition Kings of War.

Books & Gubbins!

As well as the models you can now pre-order the various versions of the rulebook which include the Main Rulebook and the Gamer's Edition which limits things down to the rules alone.

Game Books & Gubbins

You can also get the new Kings of War Token Set and Damage Tracker which keeps a tab on just how knobbled your forces are on the battlefield at a glance. It's certainly a neat solution, in the literal sense, rather than accidentally picking up those dice markers.

Kings of War Token Set

  • 1 plastic Arc of Sight Template
  • 1 plastic Turn Counter with Spinner
  • 1 plastic 6" x 1" Ruler
  • 7 plastic Objective Counters
  • 36 plastic Game Counters in 2 colours

Damage Tracker

  • 4 plastic Multi-Purpose Damage Trackers with 24 Damage Rings

Will you be getting any of this for Kings of War?

"I have always loved the idea of the forest coming to life, this ancient force awakening in times of battle and bloodshed..."

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