Hobby Transportation & New Paint Sets Available From Games Workshop

November 14, 2015 by brennon

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Some new hobby kit is on pre-order this week from Games Workshop. Not only do they have a range of transport options for getting your models and paints from A to B but also a revamped Dry Paints set as well. See what you think...

Imperial Transport

Designed to look a bit like a backpack that an Imperial Guardsman would wear the Munitorum Battlepack Case Harness doubles up as both a regular backpack and also as a harness for Battle Case and Crusade Case as you can see by some of the additional options.

Battlepack Case

According to the blurb on these backpacks they do keep your case very secure while you have it slipped into the back. I would be worried of the case slipping out of the side but I would assume Games Workshop have done their testing here and that isn't a problem.

Backpack and Battle Case

Backpack and Crusade Case

I must admit that I do quite like the design of these backpacks and if they do transport the boxes well then they are good for someone on the move. Instead of having to carry them around separately you can just combine the two. Could be rather useful for when you're on public transport to save space.

Paint Sets

Kicking things off on the painting side of things we have the Citadel Project Paint Set which comes with a whole range of different paints and the storage for carting them around. The box lid also comes off to give you a place to paint.

Citadel Project Paint Set

You will inevitably never actually use all of these paints but I know for some people this could be a rather neat acquisition. Still, the regular wargamer and hobbyist is probably content with a handful of paints for their army. I don't think the 'case' is interesting enough either, especially with other storage systems out there on the market.

Last but not least we have the revamped Dry Paints Set...

Ctiadel Dry

This contains a selection of paints specifically designed for drybrushing models and putting the first effects over the base layer of paint.

  • Longbeard Grey
  • Necron Compound
  • Kindleflame
  • Etherium Blue
  • Underhive Ash
  • Hexos Palesun
  • Tyrant Skull
  • Golden Griffon
  • Eldar Flesh
  • Praxeti White
  • Medium Dry Brush

These technical paints are actually a lot of fun to use and it's a credit to Games Workshop for making interesting new additions to their range. I love the texture paints that you can use for basing and the blood effect paint too.

There are a few more gift ideas available over on their Painting & Modelling section of the website.

Will you be picking any of this up?

"These technical paints are actually a lot of fun to use and it's a credit to Games Workshop for making interesting new additions to their range..."

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