Kickstarter Watch – Wargaming Movies, Picking Locks & Ninja RPGS!

November 14, 2015 by brennon

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It's time for us to dive into a range of awesome Kickstarters from this week that we've picked up on and think are worth sharing with you. There is quite the eclectic mix of different genres and styles of game here so there might be something for everyone!


Deer Lord

We kick things off with this rather fun party game by Coral Tealm called Deer Lord. This group have designed a card game which is all about not only besting your friends but also making sure they don't notice you performing certain tasks.

Deer Lord

On a given turn you will be able to play two different types of cards. One of these is the Duel Card which pits you against another player. When this happens you might have, for example, tell a better story than the other player. The rest of the group then votes.

The other type of card would be a Do Something Card. This means you did something that round that no one noticed but you managed to slip past them. It might be something as simple as scratching your head, or answering your phone. However, if someone twigs that you're being odd then you lose out.

Deer Lord looks like it's very much for extroverted people and so it's not going to be for everyone. With that in mind for a group that is totally into this there are expansions that add more craziness like full on Asylum madness, or over the top acting in Broadway.


Taking a very different tact we're going to be looking at Shinobigami by Kotohi now. This is a Ninja RPG which is incredibly well loved over in Japan and has now been tweaked for the Western market.


Set during a Ninja Cold War you each play characters from different clans all with their own agendas and missions to undertake. These might then force you into conflict with the other but everyone of you will have to learn to work together too.

Interestingly the game comes with a fantastic manga within the RPG book which follows a group of characters playing through the game. You will also be able to pick up the Western rulebook with additional house rules and expansions which should hopefully get funded.

Braille RPG Dice

64 Oz. Games have expanded on their range of blind-friendly products with the wonderfully inspired Braille RPG Dice. This set of polyhedron dice have been 3D printed so that blind people can enjoy the thrill of rolling dice.

Braille RPG Dice

The Kickstarter is focused on getting them a new 3D printer which will help them make some professionally made dice free of bubbles and bumps which (of course) make things awkward for blind people.

I think this is a fantastically worthy endeavour and well worth getting involved with. Make sure to check out the rest of their range too which involves add-ons for games to make components blind friendly.

Pick The Lock

You are a thief. You like stealing things. In Pick The Lock you play cards each round to try and steal from not only a central vault but also from other Thieves. This game has something of the 'Pink Panther' about it and old school cartoons from the later half of the 20th Century.

Pick The Lock

Portal Dragon are at the head of this game and this looks like a fun filler game which you play to enjoy a bit of bluffing and deduction with friends. Each turn you choose a card which defines the range of numbers the lock can be. Then, you guess and if you're right you get to steal some loot.

Stealing from other players is decidedly harder but each treasure has optional rules which can make things both easier and harder for you. The player with the most loot at the end is the winner.

Roll-Player: A Hero Building Game

Thunderwork Games have designed a dice drafting and decision game all about that one important moment when you pick up Skyrim or Fallout where you spend hours making your character. In Roll-Player you are tasked with making the best and most valiant of heroes to roam the realm.

Roll Player

Here's a run down of some of the game basics...

  • Roll and draft dice to assemble character attribute scores.
  • Purchase weapons and armor to outfit your hero.
  • Train to gain skills and discover your hero’s traits to prepare them for their journey.
  • Earn Reputation by constructing the perfect character.
  • The player with the highest Reputation wins the game and will surely triumph over whatever nefarious plot lies ahead!

I think this could be a really fun and interesting game to play where you use dice drafting and card play to try and make your heroes backstory and character build over successive rounds. You could even make a case for this being an awesome way to build your next character for a role-playing game.

Settlers Of Catan: Bespoke Wood Version

Real Wood Games have designed a rather impressive wooden version of the Settlers of Catan Board game. This 'Real Wood Edition' contains all of the tiles and counters that you would need, all with new designs that make this a rather charming coffee table piece.

Settlers Of Catan

You will still need the cards and pieces from the main game to play although you could also go and pick up some of the upgrade parts like metal historical buildings from other companies too.

The main benefit of picking this up however is that it is a chance for you to build and paint your own board. I could see some people doing some amazing painting to bring this to life.

Miniature Wargaming: The Movie

Last but not least we have Joseph Piddington's project called Miniature Wargaming: The Movie where he is going back through the history of our awesome hobby and talking to prominent members of the community AND within the business too.

Miniature Wargaming The Movie

There will be exclusive interviews with folks like the Perry twins and they will also be following gamers through the preparation before a tournament as they build their armies and learn to play.

I think this sounds it's going to be a wonderful look at our hobby and hopefully with the Kickstarter support they're getting we can see this appear at film festivals and more.

Will you be backing any of these?

"This set of polyhedron dice have been 3D printed so that blind people can enjoy the thrill of rolling dice..."

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

"Deer Lord looks like it's very much for extroverted people and so it's not going to be for everyone..."

Supported by (Turn Off)