Infinity Arachne: Where To Get Your Infinity Tokens!

August 12, 2015 by crew

This is the Wartrader, selling you Infinity goodies while also telling you where to get free stuff...

A frequent question from new players is 'What tokens do I need for Infinity?'. It's a perfectly reasonable question but doesn't really have a one-size-fits-all answer.

Official Infinity Marker Downloads

However we can break it down into a few sets. Please note that these are all recommendations, you'll need to tweak them all depending on the specific units and abilities you're using!

The Basics

At the absolute most basic, you need something like this:


That gives you your basic Orders (although you could also use glass beads etc.), the Lieutenant's special Order, some assorted status markers and a smattering of Camo markers.

Advanced Stuff

Once you start getting into some for the more advanced rules you'll start needing Irregular and Impetuous Orders (although again some differently-coloured glass beads also work well)...

Advanced...Command Tokens, Retreat! markers and a wider selection of status markers.

The Sneaky Gits

Camo-heavy forces have some more specific needs - apart from lots of different Camo markers (potentially more than you see here).

Sneaky Gits

You're likely to want some Mines, more Burnt markers and also Blinded and Targeted markers for the various effects your Forward Observer troops can have.


A Hacking-heavy force also tends to need a lot of markers, what with the Hackers being able to put the enemy troops into assorted statuses and the various ongoing Hacking Programs that can be run.


Faction Specifics

Tohaa are likely to need multiple Link Leader markers and Symbiont Inactive markers. Shasvastii Sectorial forces will need some Spawn-Embro markers (instead of Unconscious) and potentially some Seed-Embryos.

Steel Phalanx Sectorial will want multiple Link Leader markers and probably several Valor: No Wound Incapacitation (V:NWI for short) markers for the troops that get to stay active when technically Unconscious.

Where To Get Markers - Cheap Options

The cheapest is to use glass beads for all your Orders (or count them down on a die) and use some blank plastic discs (tiddlywinks etc.) plus a dry wipe marker. However this doesn't look very pretty.

The next cheapest is to go to ToadChild's excellent Marker Sheet Creater which will generate PDFs with whatever mix of tokens you want. The token images in this article where generated using this tool.

These can then be cut out with appropriate-sized hole punches or (if you're a glutton for punishment) a pair of scissors. Self-adhesive transparent dome stickers can be added to make them longer lasting.

Where To Get Markers - Warsenal

Especially if you're in the US, Warsenal make a wide range of acrylic and magnetic markers.

Warsenal Markers

Their camo markers are particularly pretty, although you want to make sure you don't use the 'correct' silhouette for what's under each marker!

Where To Get Markers - Customeeple

Customeeple in Spain (just round the corner from Corvus Belli themselves) also do a wide range of acrylic markers and templates.


Of particular note are their 'base-arc' status markers.

Where To Get Markers - Micro Art Studio

Finally (for actual official markers), MAS make acrylic markers with printed backs - unlike Warsenal and Customeeple, these use the same images as the rulebooks so the tokens are instantly recognisable if you've been playing for any time.

MAS Tokens

I'm now going to direct you to my own store ('Commercial bias!' I hear you cry! Darn right.) as I have permission from MAS to sell their tokens on a pick-n-mix basis, letting you choose exactly which mix of tokens you want and getting bulk discounts the more tokens you buy in one go.

MAS Tokens

So to wrap up, you can get away with beads/dice and handwritten markers or spend quite a bit of money buying every token you could possibly ever need.

Most people do something in the middle, but what's your favourite approach?

Ian Wood aka @wartrader

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"...a frequent question from new players is 'What tokens do I need for Infinity?'"

"Customeeple in Spain (just round the corner from Corvus Belli themselves) also do a wide range of acrylic markers and templates..."

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