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Idyllwild Preview Chieftains & Their Stats For BattleAxe: Northern Wars


Idyllwild talked about their new skirmish game which uses their Dark Age Outpost not long ago called BattleAxe: Northern Wars. Well, this week we get ourselves a look at the two Chieftains for the warbands and the stat cards that come with them.

Idyllwild Games Show Off Cover For BattleAxe: Northern Wars


Idyllwild Games had a successful Kickstarter last year to fund their Dark Age Outpost. Well, in conjunction with the release of those sets this year they also have a game on the way called BattleAxe: Northern Wars and here is the cover art...

Idyllwild Add Long House & Hovel To Their Dark Age Outpost


Idyllwild have added some larger structures to the inside of their Dark Age Outpost, a Hovel and Long House. The campaign has fourteen days left on it and if they reach their next stretch goal they will be unlocking them as part of the available add-ons...

Weekender: Big Kickstarters & Battlefleet Gothic Returns


Another great week in the tabletop gaming world and we're here to chat about some interesting Games Workshop digital games and new Kickstarters too...

Idyllwild’s Dark Age Outpost Grows On Kickstarter


The Dark Age Outpost Kickstarter from Idyllwild has grown since we last covered it. As well as being funded they have unlocked a series of great stretch goals with much more to come down the pipeline...

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