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Bolt Action Project VLOG - Building WWII Armies

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Army Painter to the Rescue!


This is one of those projects where a colored primer is going to be a life saver. So we see if we can use some of the cans (Army Painter) that we already have lying around to get the right effect.

Soviet paint schemes are either going to be complex or very simple ... and we're about to find out.

Lets discuss the plan!

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Cult of Games Member

^^ John looks worried….

Cult of Games Member

Not sure when you filmed this, @warzan – hopefully the .pdf package (second one) I sent Thursday night will be helpful. Please let me know if you didn’t get it.

Details are in the packet, but if you’re still thinking of a winter theme:

Soviet tanks were that “oregano green” you were talking about, hastily white-washed over in white. Quality varied, sometimes it will be nicely put on, sometimes rather hastily. This was done in the field so quality varied by unit.

Soviet infantry will be the lighter-colored “bone” you were showing. This is because they’re wearing the 1943 quilted “gymnastroika” blouse instead of the non-quilted summer pattern which was a darker tan / beige.

Also, infantry in the winter would be wearing the “valenki” padded boots rather than the summer pattern black leather. Except tank crews, which still wear the leather boots year round because the valenki boots are too cumbersome for foot pedals, etc.

Also, I think John mentioned something before about NKVD troops. The piping / rank insignia for these guys is a blue pattern rather than red (armour / artillery) and raspberry (infantry). Again, details in the packet. 😀 (pages 10-17)

Cult of Games Member

I was going to say about the white wash camo for the vehicles. Beat me to it.


I ended up using Army Painter desert yellow as a base coat, then used minwax polyshade antique walnut once I was finished base coating everything else. Not as random as the actual uniform shades would be, however I would encourage you to consider adding a third color of desert yellow as its a bit more yellowy/brown than the bone color with just a hint of green which really comes out with the green helmets.

Lets see if I can put in some pictures here.



The Germans actually had a huge variation in uniform colours in late war.
Just take a look at these fieldgrey jackets:

Plus, you’d get one guy splitting his pants after a few months while another doesn’t, so you’d quickly get variation in a unit.

Cult of Games Member

not really related to the video but anyhow I has a question… How many of these soviets are going to end up with a scaled down Warzan head? if the answer is none then something has gone very wrong at BOW

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