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Bolt Action Project VLOG - Building WWII Armies

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Final Test Figures


I'm slowly getting the hang of painting the splinter camo pattern quickly and the first test figures are done, re-done and changed back again only to be repainted yet again..but now -finally- I'm not going to change anything and stick with this paintscheme.

The camo is obviously not a 100% copy but rather meant to give an impression of the Luftwaffe Splinter pattern. So I won't be painting tiny green strips (although I do admire people who do this without having lost their sanity!).

Hungover 'Hans' is just a fun conversion inspired by the story of a Fallschirmjäger who drank too much Schnaps the night before a combat jump mission, overslept and consequently nearly missed his bird.

His Kameraden managed to drag him on board just before take off.

Having been in a rush and probably not quite sober had forgotten to put on his trousers, helmet and weapons, just donned his smock and boots and grabbed his chute before running after his mates. He was given a pistol by his NCO and -tongue in cheek - told not to be taken prisoner by the Allies as his state and appearance would damage the Fallschirmjäger's reputation.

I'm sure the guys will have use of him!

I've also made good progress with the Puma and hope to have it finished tomorrow or Friday.

Final Test Figures

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Cult of Games Member

must admit i am kind of jealous you beet me to punch for the Fallschirmjäger army as i have a German army loosely based around Arnhem so i have have panzergrenadiers in splinter camo and iv got rather good at it,and that why i am going to be keeping a very close eye on this build as i am keen to see what you do with it…and this is where i would insist you add the rain stripes as its just not splinter with out them, i have found it a good method to have patches of green and brown leaving some large areas of the light base and simply add two to three line in two patches in the light area and it really does do the camo justice.

anyways things look really nice so far and i can’t wait to see units of these bad boys

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