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40K IG BUILD: Work on the Superheavies!

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VOTE: Is it OK to Turn a Toy into a Mighty Machine of Death!!!


OK so Warren picked the title, but you get the point. Discussions have broken out about Warren's fascination around picking junk toys up from car boot sales and then proceeding to turn them into alternative units or narrative devices for our studio 40K armies.

Is he bang on the money and should we let his imagination run amok, or is he just straying down a path that will ultimately lead to a visit from the inquisition? (or loony bin doctors)

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Perfectly fine to use anything as long as everyone knows what it is and how it is armed/armoured.

Cult of Games Member

I agree, if it makes the game more fun, run with it!

Cult of Games Member

Toys are great resource. I have used a skylander anvil as a goal for my engineers guildball team and a tree trunk McDonald’s toy as a base for a hordes objective marker.
I have seen plenty of people use hot wheel/matchbox jeeps as bolt action jeeps.
If they fit the scale and theme you are after why not.

Cult of Games Member

Go for it

I dont think gamers really care

Cult of Games Member

I just picked up a bunch of Matchbox cars to convert for a Mad Max racing game. I plan to take them with me on holiday to entertain the kids that are running around. They can help paint, tweak the rules and have fun with a few games.
It also distracts them from my more expensive models that come along to be painted. 😉

I also picked up 2 aircraft carriers with fighter jets that I have no specific use for yet. But they look cool and were dirt cheap, so why not?

And I’ve used toy dinosaurs and cars to add some color to a few games of Inquisitor.

I’m all for scratch building, scrap building and bashing together surplus components in new, creative ways.


Converting stuff and making your own stuff was so in the spirit of early 40K, I’m 100% behind it. As the players (in general) seemed to go along with the official model only philosophy, I found a lot of the fun and creativity were lost.

To each their own, though. As long as people respect each other, they can agree to disagree and find opponents that match their style, I say.

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