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Studio Giraldez Shows Off Stunning Painting On Luxumbra’s Morlock Girl


Studio Giraldez has more goodies for this week as they show off the amazing painting on the Luxumbra Morlock Girl which came to life during their Kickstarter campaign.

Luxumbra Aim To Unlock Joan Of Arc Bust On Kickstarter


If the Luxumbra team are able to get their way up to $130,000 on Kickstarter then they are going to be unlocking another bust for you to play around on with your paints. See what you make of the concept work going into Joan Of Arc from Infinity.

The Mighty Ajax Unlocked For Luxumbra’s Kickstarter


If you've not been following along with the Luxumbra Kickstarter, aiming to bring a range of busts and larger scales models to the tabletop, then you'll want to get stuck in. They have just unlocked Infinity's Ajax!

Luxumbra’s Kickstarter Begins Tomorrow!


Luxumbra's Kickstarter, which is focused on bringing you a series of awesome busts and larger scale models, is going to be launching tomorrow (February 14th)!

Luxumbra Reveal Fourth Infinity Themed Bust


Luxumbra has revealed the fourth bust which will feature as part of their Kickstarter campaign on February 14th.

Weekender: Tabletop Tactics In The Digital World?


Welcome to The Weekender where we're delving into some awesomeness from this week.

Luxumbra Launching Infinity Collectors Busts & Figures On Kickstarter Soon


Luxumbra is a partnership between Angel Giraldez and David Anta de Frutos that is looking to provide high-quality busts and figures for avid painters to get stuck into.

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