Fight Against French Tyranny On The Iberian Peninsula

May 15, 2019 by cassn

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Perry Miniatures have saddled up the horses and loaded the wagons for their latest incursion into the Napoleonic conflict. These latest models are designed for use in Peninsular War recreations, as these brave British forces move into their positions for battle.


The Peninsular War (1807-1814) was a military conflict fought between Napoleon and Bourbon Spain and it's allies for control of the Iberian Peninsula. The war contributed greatly to Napoleon's downfall, and immeasurably raised the military prestige of Spain's Great British ally. The Peninsular War also acted as a catalyst for the later independence revolutions of the Spanish colonies.


Perry Miniatures have produced a new series of British Royal Foot Artillery models to recreate the magnitude of the conflict. These British forces have been given incredible attention to detail - you can even see the trepidation in the horses through their posing and design.


There is also the option for the drivers to wear Tarletons or leather forage caps, which come as separate pieces.  For further information, ride forth into the fray on the Perry Miniatures website.

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"The Peninsular War contributed greatly to Napoleon's downfall..."

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