Rome’s Vorenus & Pullo Take Command In Hail Caesar

July 5, 2014 by brennon

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Warlord Games have bought two heroes from the TV show Rome into the world of Hail Caesar. See what you think of both Pullo & Vorenus that have two different heads with both helmets and without...

Pullo & Vorenus (Helmets)

Pullo & Vorenus (No Helmets)

These two were in fact actual historical figures from the writings of Julius Caesar so you even have some historical accuracy while showing the epic TV show some love. I think of the two styles I love the helmeted versions better mainly because it looks a bit better on the battlefield itself.

The two of them were fierce rivals to begin with but after an ill fated attack on an enemy camp the one rescued the other and were comrades in arms by the end of it. Maybe you could play out this epic fight on the tabletop?

What do you think?

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