Spellcrow Set Out to Base Your Fantasy Figures

November 6, 2014 by dracs

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Spellcrow are branching out a bit in order to come up with a new set of decorative bases suitable for fantasy miniatures.

Fantasy Bases and Death Marker

While they may have been intended for fantasy models, the cracked stone of these display bases would just as well suit many other game settings, including scifi and pulp. I'd be tempted to paint them like a tarmac road and use them to show the chaos supremes cause in Pulp City.

However, what really catches the eye here is the inclusion of the skull shaped death marker. This would make a very stylish way of showing lost wounds, as well as serving as a good objective or trap marker in the game.

How do you think Spellcrow's bases look? Would you use them with your minis?

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