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Welcome to the Gaming at STF Wargaming Studio group: ! Here you can find information on our opening hours, events, find opponents and discuss miniature gaming in general. We also have a Discord server for this here:

STF Wargaming Studio is a YouTube studio and miniature gaming hall located at Ensjøveien 8, 0655 Oslo. The gaming hall is operated on a voluntary basis, so our opening hours may vary from week to week. But we strive to keep it open as often as we can!

You can find our channel here:

You can also support the channel, and in extension the gaming hall using our Patreon here:

The gaming hall is free to use for members of the gaming clubs Spillforeningen The Fellowship and Fjordhammer Miniatyrspillforening. Membership costs 50kr for those aged 25 or younger, 250kr above the age of 25. The gaming clubs provide the majority of the gaming mats and terrain in the hall.

If you want more mats and terrain to play on, consider joining these clubs!

Members of Spillforeningen The Fellowship also have free use of the full Citadel Colour range at the painting desks. Just bring your own brush! If you want to assemble and prime your models bring your tools, glue and primer too!

More information about Spillforeningen The Fellowship and how to join here:

More information about Fjordhammer Miniatyrspillforeningen and how to join here:

The gaming store Tabletopbattle are located in the gaming hall as well. Tabletopbattle can provide most miniaturegaming brands at very competitive prices. Members of various gaming clubs, including Spillforeningen The Fellowship and Fjordhammer Miniatyrspillforening, even gets up to an additional 15 % discount! Shopping at Tabletopbattle also supports the gaming hall.

Contact Tabletopbattle Oslo for any questions or orders. You can contact them here: