Peter J. Abreu

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My name is Peter J. Abreu, I’m chef, pilot and traveler. Originally, I’m from Long Island, NY, but I can’t say I’m from just there. My mother's Italian, and my father's Cuban, so I learned almost everything I know about good food from watching my family cook dinner. Everything else I learned about food came from my time abroad. My parents worked in the airline industry as I was growing up, so I was fortunate enough to be able to embrace my heritage and experience others all across the globe. I spent the summers of high school teaching and cooking in the Castilian region of Spain, and that’s where I realized my dream to help spread what I’d learned all across the globe. I attended flight school, became a pilot, and started my own YouTube cooking show where I embrace my love for cooking, video games and traveling. Speaking of, I’ve met a lot of incredible people on my travels, shared so many memorable meals and learned a lot about what to do in the kitchen. What I love about a good meal is that it brings people together and takes them on a journey.